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Novel Writing- encouragement that may help!

Marathon runners commonly hit ‘The Wall’ at around mile 20. For writers of novels it’s different. Many writers hit the ‘Writing Wall’ around page 80. Why this should be so is a puzzle. 62 more words

Creative Writing

Bumper Fiction Review Post: Two Good, Two Bad, One Middling

** Disclaimer: This post contains some negative reviews, of books that I did not enjoy.. however, having never attempted to write a novel myself I commend anyone who has actually written a book and been published. 1,131 more words


An Analysis of the characters of Christy Mahon, Pegeen Mike and the Widow Quin in The Playboy of the Western World by J.M. Synge



Christy:  At First Weak, Timid

When we first meet Christy it is by way of report.  He is presented as a tramp, “a kind of fellow above in the furzy ditch groaning wicked like a maddening dog”, or a “queer fellow above, going mad — “.   4,129 more words

Irish Writing

My Favourite Meeting Place In Dublin 

I’ve been sifting through memories and stories since being asked to talk about My favourite meeting place in Dublin. Where do I like to spend time with people most? 461 more words

the hospital part 3

The next half hour consisted of all manner of probing in a disturbingly gentle way by John who stuck needles into his arm, thermometers into his mouth, wrapped Velcro straps around his arm and finally probed his mind, asking him a heap of questions to confirm if Patsy was who he said he was. 1,377 more words


An Analysis of Stephen Dedalus in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


The reader must not identify Stephen with Joyce in every respect.  For instance, Stephen is represented in his days at Clongowes Wood College as a timid boy, conscious of his smallness and weakness, who tries to avoid being involved in the rough and tumble of football.  6,530 more words


Sailing to Aran © 

The summer is our time. The boat to Kilronan and the journey towards is a very pleasant thing, particularly when it’s the first one in some time. 369 more words