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Song-I'll Walk With You, Each Day of Your Life


There comes a time in every man’s life

When he understands that something aint right

Time it is ticking and god waits above

But I can’t help thinking of those that I love… 242 more words


Sacrifice-Schoolyard Blues Part Three

Daily Prompt

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The sickness in the pit of his stomach was a mixture of nerves and guilt as he walked through the front door of his house. 1,069 more words


Perseverance-A Writer's Best Friend


I’m sure you have read many of the ten billion posts on the internet about how to be a successful writer and yet you still haven’t signed that publishing deal you’ve been dreaming about for your whole life. 596 more words


Song-I Gotta Look After Momma

You gotta Look after Momma

(Verse One)

Daddy, I just can’t believe you’re gone

Life aint the same,

living just feels wrong

Every song I hear… 282 more words


Escaping the Hillsborough Shadow

The Daily Prompt 

Who said that romance in the world of sport was dead? In the week that Leicester captured both the Premier League and the hearts of millions of sports fans across the globe, Liverpool hammer Villareal to book their place in another European final. 861 more words


Daily Prompt-The beach

The Daily Prompt-Beach

The picture that accompanies this picture is the beach where these lyrics were written.

The Wild Atlantic Way


The sound of New York City… 335 more words


Song: John Kerr-The Pride of Donegal

Listen to this first to hear what way these lyrics should be sang


He was born beneath a starry sky in nineteen twenty five

In a place that they called Fanad, a jewel of the emerald isle… 229 more words