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I was lucky enough to meet Anthony Foley before. One time was when I was still at school and two of us interrupted a fitness session to for a quick picture before small break ended. 780 more words

Irish Writing

Not all plans are idiot proof

That’s an ugly poster you might say, and what’s it telling me through its statement ‘not all plans are idiot proof’?  The lines ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’ from Robbie Burns’s poem come to mind, as well as Steinbeck’s great novel… 752 more words

Anna Pilz

Poem for my Da

Poem for my Da-

My father is old
And noise has started to bother him
He is in good health generally
Not just for a man in his late 70s… 251 more words

'Clearances that suddenly stood open...'

Seamus Heaney died three years ago today and the world lost one of its greatest poets.

In memory of his passing, here is one of my favourite passages from his poem Clearances. 116 more words

Irish Literature

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As the holiday season comes to an end, a short piece by the incomparable Seamus Heaney. (one of our first posts - Nov 2013 - is 5 wide-ranging essays on his work)

Small Print? | Changes in Irish Publishing

This article was originally published on the HeadStuff website on August 16, 2016.

It is well-documented that Irish writer James Joyce once said, “No self-respecting person wants to stay in Ireland.” Although the automatic and unthinking response of many to such a claim would be dismissal, the long, broad narrative of Irish history only reaffirms the well-known Dubliner’s witticism: our island has long been tinged by accounts of emigration, from the days of the Great Hunger up until the present. 2,119 more words


a wine cup with base

“However gifted and accomplished a man may be, there is something lacking if he does not pursue the art of love. He is like a precious wine cup without a base.”  85 more words

James Meredith

Maybe-A Sean Ryan Story (Part One)

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April 2011

She sat stroking his face, just as he had asked her to do. The sweat running down his face repulsed her, but not as much as the smirk on his face. 1,380 more words