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As part of the R&D process for my current project, I recently delivered two outreach events with families and school children. We looked at micro fibre plastic under the microscope and discussed it’s implications on ecosystems and the environment. 266 more words

Irma Irsara

Dale Fort Field Trip

As an artist, my final outcomes don’t claim to be research. They do aim to frame my area of interest as part of the climate change narrative in an non scientific way while referencing some of the recent findings. 221 more words

Irma Irsara

Keyence VHX 5000 Microscope

Thanks to Matthew Armes, technical sales engineer for Keyence UK, who called round on Thursday to demonstrate the VHX-6000 Digital Microscope.

This is incredibly easy to use and is capable of real-time focus stacking. 97 more words

Irma Irsara


Captured irregular snowflakes (London 2018) on slides, one of which shows microfibre plastic which could be clearly seen during the melting process. It’s worth asking what sort of damage plastic fibres are doing. 33 more words


Recent collaboration with John O’Leary at High Sun Solstice Camp.

Irma Irsara

High Sun

I’ll be running a series of adult workshops in  pop-up design at the High Sun Solstice Camp in Cambridgeshire along with Irma Irsara. We’ll also be creating a large-scale, moving bird based on the prototypes in the video below. 116 more words