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Crescent Foundry - The One-Stop Shop from Drawing to Dispatch


Crescent Foundry was founded in the year 1982. Since then it has grown leaps and bounds and has amassed global appreciation and reputation due to its unmatched quality assurances. 392 more words

Cast Iron Manufactures

The Varieties of Ductile Iron

Ductile Iron is also called ductile cast iron, nodular cast iron, spherical graphite iron, spherical graphite cast iron and SG iron. Ductile iron has high impact and fatigue resistance because of its nodular graphite inclusions. 374 more words

Cast Iron Manufactures

Importance of Cast Iron and Ductile Iron

Pig Iron is melted to Cast Iron and moulded to provide different geometrical shapes and sizes in the casting foundry.  Iron Casting has multiple uses. The composition of this metal consists of ferrous and 2 to 4% carbon. 456 more words

Cast Iron Manufactures

Importance of Iron Casting in Industrial Revolution

Cast Iron is a family of metal which is produced by smelting the metal that is re-melting pig iron in a cupola furnace until it liquefies. 493 more words

Cast Iron Manufactures

Cardiff Docks: 'Below the Bridge' 1982/83

A selection of photographs I took of Butetown and the Docks area of Cardiff before the redevelopment – the book has been in my study for years, and is a little tatty! 527 more words

The Spare

Hochofenwerk Lübeck - "the worst factory in the whole of Germany"

Using war-dairy entries as a guide my husband and I have followed my grandfather, POW Charles William Palmer, a Private in the 48th Battalion of the A.I.F., through France to Bullecourt, his place of capture on 11 April 1917, then on to the many villages in France where he was forced to work for the Germans. 2,332 more words