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Metal ≠ Being possessed by Satan

Black is my happy colour and metal is my favourite kind of music. – When it comes to these two things I do not take prisoners. 463 more words


Iron Maiden Albums From Worst to Best


I am just getting off a five day run, having spent the last five days in four different cities.  For whatever reason, when I am on the road, I find heavy metal music to be relaxing.   91 more words


Sharon Osbourne and Rock and Roll's Problem

Towards the end of last week, I made the mistake of stumbling into the comment section of a post on Metal Hammer’s Facebook.  Anyone with any experience of that horrible place, will know it tends towards the unpleasant, filled with trolls trolling trolls and people generally acting like dickheads.   672 more words


Conceptual metaphors in "Caught Somewhere in Time" by Iron Maiden

Hello, everyone! I am back with the April post. The initial idea was to publish an analysis of one of the Metallica’s songs (I seriously considered “And Justice for All” thing, though in the end I ended up with another song), but the time constraints did not allow me to invest much time into that. 1,920 more words


Important albums part 1 - My Dying Bride - Like Gods Of The Suns

(Den svenska versionen kommer längre ner)

Today I (Peps) would like to start a serie about albums that have a special meaing in my life. This is part 1 and I have no idea of how many parts it’s going to be right now, it depends on how many albums I’ll be able to thing about. 626 more words

Mindscar - Kill the King (Review)

Mindscar are from the US and this is their début album. They play Death Metal.

This is an interesting release. The band play Death Metal that’s brutal and is not without technicality, yet also features a good amount of melodic and atmospheric sections and even clean vocals on occasion. 234 more words


What's Heavy Metal

If a 13 year old kid came up to you and asked “what is Heavy Metal” would you try and explain it or would you give him or her an album and say listen to this. 159 more words

Hard Rock