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Even Mildly Excessive Body Iron Stores Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Even mildly elevated body iron contributes to the prevalence and incidence of type 2 diabetes, according to research from the University of Eastern Finland. Excess body iron accumulation is a known risk factor of type 2 diabetes in hereditary hemochromatosis, but the results presented by Dr Alex O. 593 more words

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December 6th Miner's Day

If there ever was a dirty job it’s definitely being a miner. Hour after hour under ground digging for any number of varieties of ore. It is one of the oldest professions, starting even before recorded history when cavemen dug down in caverns for flint to make fire, weapons and tools. 338 more words

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Pregvyte® Plus Tablets

The Movement of life is inside you…Feel it

Pregvyte® Plus Tablets is A Complete Care Before, During & After Pregnancy

Pregvyte® Plus tablet is a comprehensive nutrient formula of 23 Vitamins, Minerals, Micronutrients and Antioxidants which ensures essential care before, during and after pregnancy. 385 more words

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Vegan Challenge Review

December is now upon us which means an end to the vegan Challenge. It’s all a bit better sweet as I did love the fact I was eating more fruit and vegetables. 454 more words


Iron Supplements for Fibromyalgia

When I got the results back from my iron blood test a while back, the doctor told me that I was within in normal range, though on the lower end of the spectrum. 536 more words



Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Recent months is busy and tiring for me. I became a night owl to finishing up my uni assignment and coursework. 838 more words