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Chocolate....my first love

Here I go. Here I go. Here I go again….Girls what’s my weakness….CHOCOLATE!

They say the first step is admitting it, so here it goes. I’m what you call a serious addict.  628 more words

It's Okay to Cook Acidic Dishes in Cast Iron (and Other Cast Iron Myths, Debunked)

Despite the fact that humans have been cooking with cast iron for about 2000 years—cooks in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.) used kettles and pans cast of iron—there still exists a ton of mystery around cookware made of the stuff.

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Today I Learned


Within the division of labour in my house, ironing is jealously guarded by my mother. I don’t question it much. However, my mother is too attached to the 80s. 191 more words


S0224 Skull Iron Terminator Case Cover for Iphone 4 4s

S0224 Skull Iron Terminator Case Cover for Iphone 4 4s

Graphic Printed Hard Case For IPHONE 4 4S.
Hard Case Cover For IPhone – Graphic Printed Design Including Sides and Corner. 90 more words

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This new ‘Game of Thrones’ character was just introduced in a huge way

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

Warning: There are massive spoilers ahead for “Game of Thrones” season six, including events that have yet to unfold.

The second episode of “Game of Thrones” season six aired Sunday, and with it came a dramatic revisit to characters we haven’t seen since season three — the Greyjoys.  1,340 more words


Going vegan.... but will I get enough protein? Yep!

Many of us worry that if we take the plunge and choose an all plant diet we may make ourselves ill; that without meat or dairy our diets will be lacking. 892 more words