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A Vegetarian's Guide to Iron

What is iron? Why do I need it?

Iron is a mineral that operates in the hemoglobin of red blood cells and myoglobin of muscle cells to transport oxygen through the body. 543 more words


Soup with green beans and amaranth

Light, summer soup with green beans and amaranth. Nutritious and very healthy, because thanks to amaranth, it owes the richness of iron. 

I wrote about the amaranth in a separate post. 23 more words


Ironing Clothes with Joan of Arc

You live in a house with roommates. They break your iron. Then they replace your iron by buying one for the house. They should have never touched your iron to begin with but when they broke it… They should have replaced it by repairing it and giving it to you. 110 more words

6 Tips For More Iron In Your Diet

We all need iron in our diets – it helps form haemoglobin, to transport oxygen in blood cells; and plays an important role in converting food into energy. 403 more words