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Spider-Man And Iron Man Have Beef Now

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Spider-Man and Iron Man have been on-and-off allies for decades and worked in close partnership on the Avengers. Nowadays, they’re more like frenemies. 413 more words


Arcanum of Rust

there is beauty in decay

deconstruction of iron

reversing its founding

airy oxygen breathing

insinuates in among

densely packed molecules

breaking down elements

lifting improbable traces… 95 more words


Steak and Asian Salad

I’ve talked about the benefits of steak on fertility before. It’s a great source of L-arginine, which can improve circulation and in turn boost egg and sperm health. 269 more words

Iron-catalyzed cross coupling between Grignard reagents and enol carbamates

Doug Frantz and co-workers from UTSA have reported in ACIE on an iron-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction between enol carbamates and Grignard reagents.

ACIE paper


My Unleashed Beast

It shakes the cages of life, Thirsting for a release, Those iron bars still holding tight, This demon soul is eternal and shall never cease. Claws of rage, Eyes glowing their molten brilliance, Body of body rotten with age, Eat please, feast upon my devils essence. 14 more words


Everything to know about this 'Game of Thrones' family we haven't seen since season 3

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Game of Thrones” season six, including future events.

After lurking offscreen since season three, Balon Grejoy and the Iron Islands were featured in Sunday’s episode, “Home.” Not only were viewers quickly reintroduced to Balon and his daughter Yara, but the showrunners threw in a new and mysterious character ( 45 more words