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POTS, and not the kind you smoke...

I don’t even know where to start.

This journey has been a long and hard one for me and I feel like it’s really just beginning. 575 more words

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SAY NO TO DRUGS 'My Anaemic Diary' - (Update)

For those of you who read my previous blog post ‘My Anaemic Diary’, I decided to see if I could get my iron levels back up through diet and nutrition and avoid using the prescription iron pills that were causing me to feel really sick. 119 more words


An In-Between Project

Today started out as any other Saturday… an indulgent breakfast (french toast), a to-do list of random things we have been putting off and a little something we weren’t expecting: a small house project! 390 more words



waves over white canvas
dying in mid-day’s light
and the fast has already begun
with the members aligned
waiting for whatever momentous occasion
to change their mind… 23 more words


iron man arc reactor తెలుగులో

iron man arc reactor చవకలో ఎలా తయారు చేయాలో internetలో చాలా వీడియోలు ఉన్నా తెలుగులో ఎవరూ try చేయలేదనుకుంటా.. సో, నేను చేస్తున్నా:

కావలసిన వస్తువులు:

– 1 Flora microprocessor (Adafruit లేదా amazon వారి వెబ్సైట్లో కొనుక్కోవచ్చు) 70 more words


Collar Perfect

Tired of going around with frumpy, wrinkled shirt collars? This is just what you need! It’s Collar Perfect, the compact travel iron created by a Marine to keep his collars up to regulation standards. 85 more words

Producción de acero en México tiene su mayor caída en 6 años


Debido a la contracción en la capacidad productiva de las firmas siderúrgicas, reflejo de la suspensión de labores de empresas como AHMSA y ArcelorMittal ante la importación de acero procedente de China a precios dumping, la producción del metal en México cayó 3.7% en 2015, la mayor baja desde 2009.