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Free laundry room printables

Did someone say FREE!  Yes, these laundry room printables are easy to download and print, and look fab.

Doing laundry is pretty ‘blah’, so I needed a bit of inspiration in this room to give it life.   66 more words


Happy Sixth Birthday to Me - Have Some Iron Poetry

So another year has passed making it six since I launched this site, have a down beat to celebrate,

Iron Age

I wield my pen with an iron grip… 34 more words


Week 21 of Marathon training

Sunday was a warm day and as usual there is a lot of scratching going on. I ran at 11am where it is the hottest. That dry skin on arms is from being exposed too much to the hot sun. 192 more words


Focus On... Iron

Last week i very briefly mentioned that i am taking iron supplements on the advice of my doctor, this is due to an episode of extreme fatigue, lethargy and what i can only describe as pure exhaustion. 797 more words


Exactly what Bathtub Materials to Choose: Forged Iron, Metal or Polymer-bonded?

Not everybody sees that 200 years back bathtubs had been made solely from wooden or rock. Today our own choice is a lot wider, plus anyone planning to get a shower will surely encounter this query: what kind of most widely used bathtub varieties is better: ensemble iron, stainless-steel or…

Did Ancient Supernovas Change Earth's Climate?

Supernovas are some of the most powerful and energetic events in the entire Universe. When a dying star explodes you wouldn’t want to be anywhere… 234 more words


Weller WT Solder Station - Great Tool with Great Issues

A little bit more than a half year ago I bough a Weller WT solder station. This solder station has a very smart design and there are many features I like. 608 more words