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MCU Review: Iron Man 3 (2013)

It is no easy feat following up one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. Worse than that, being a sequel to another cherished superhero film that had a lackluster follow up. 849 more words

Every Marvel movie from Black Panther to Iron Man, definitively ranked

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Now that Black Panther has been in theaters a few days, it’s time to answer that perpetual question: Which Marvel Studios movie is best? 2,690 more words


Let's Have Some Chocolate

Like many women, I’ve struggled with iron deficiency since I was young. Having been a vegetarian from age 7-16 but also a picky eater, I definitely wasn’t consuming sufficient iron. 784 more words


How to get sufficient iron on a plant-based diet

Iron is seriously misinterpreted as a nutrient, particularly when it comes to vegetarian and vegan diets.

The mineral is found all over the earth and is vital to red blood cells conveying oxygen and nutrients to each cell in our body, linking us straight to the land we live on. 507 more words


Iron Friends

Until high school I was a very shy individual who was not good at making friends. Even though I’m not now, I’m aware that if I do not… 1,306 more words


Iron: Popeye's best friend

Over the past month, I have had at least three people suggest that they need Iron supplementation. They claim they are out of breath, feel lethargic and are exhausted after a hard days work. 909 more words

I honestly look good in this Iron Man mask

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Marvel and Hasbro introduced an augmented reality Iron Man (AR) mask earlier this week, and we tested it out on Circuit Breaker Live. 172 more words