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Proving Myself Wrong: Half Marathon Training

I have never considered myself an athlete.  My sports of choice growing up–martial arts, dance, and golf–seemed to me more like activities.  They made me physically and mentally flexible, strong, and balanced.   438 more words


What to look out for when buying a second hand bike

We all would like to drive that brand new super bike or cruiser straight off the show room floor, however one’s finances doesn’t always allow this or in other cases it is unwise to buy a brand new motorcycle if you are only starting to ride. 1,882 more words


What is highsiding and lowsiding?

In the motorcycle world and in motorcycle racing events one often hears that a rider has highsided or lowsided. These two terms have become widely used terminology, however few people truly understand the difference between the two concepts. 677 more words


Why do bikers dress the way they do?

Why do we dress in all the mad leathery bits? Why do you wear that leather jacket on a hot summers day? Do you wear leathers to look cool? 552 more words


25 Years, 7 Mountain Bikes

I do like a spot of nostalgia. It’s time for a hopefully vaguely interesting trip through the mountain bikes I’ve owned and their experiences:

Raleigh Lizard – 1991-99… 1,542 more words

Alex Senior Pictures - Southern California Photography

A few years ago I was privileged to take some senior pictures and family shots of the Burdsall family for their son Tyler. Well, this last holiday season I was fortunate to be asked to also do their next senior in line, Alex’s, senior pictures! 150 more words

Senior Pics

Hike #16 Iron Horse Trail

Gotta use the controlled intersections to cross the streets safely :)

Even with all the construction going on, there’s still a section cut out for the trail. 129 more words