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The (Proper) introduction of Training Wheels.

A while back we welcomed a new member to the Bike Addict crew to share with us a few details of what it’s like to be a new rider in the community. 450 more words


No Bikes. No Peace. No Happiness. Know Bikes. Know Peace. Know Happiness.

Riding an iron horse had taught me a lot of things. Things I maybe should have learned later in life. But when I started riding it was like God decided it was time for me to know more, seeing as a biker… no day is promised to me. 465 more words


Drive to the edge of the world and you will find happiness. Walk five more miles and you will find serenity.

Finally I have made the decision to try to explain what riding an iron horse feels like, so pull up your comfy chair and perk your ears mates. 673 more words


The headaches of buying a second-hand motorcycle (Part 2)

We now continue the tale of Dodgy, a little Suzuki RF 400 that had been mistreated by a previous owner. For first time readers, you can read part one of Dodgy’s taleĀ  465 more words


The headaches of buying a second-hand bike (Part 1)

So recently our favorite Newby, Training Wheels, purchased himself a new bike. For financial reasons he had opted to buy a second-hand bike. We were bike hunting for weeks before we found a suitable candidate. 570 more words


When you can still hear your demons, drop a gear and dissappear.

“Why do you ride a bike?”
“Don’t you think it might be safer to drive a car instead?”

Two of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked are stated above. 449 more words


Keeping your bike safe and secure

I’ve recently read an article in the Roodepoort Record that sent shivers down my spine. To read the article click here. I believe that this article will induce fear into even the most hardened rider. 348 more words