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Armored Prayer - Looking for a New Steed/your first

There are several things that contribute to the selection of a new steed. Some factors include how fast you wish to fly, how stylish you’d like to be, how “classic” you’d like to be, how brutal, or simply just how practical. 386 more words


The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Roar

In many ways, attaining a motorcycle could be one of the best decisions of your entire life. It is more than a bumper sticker, a phase, a feeling.. 481 more words


Motorcyclist hand gestures: The need to know.

Here’s an interesting question raised by a friend of a friend and I believe there are more people with a curiosity regarding motorcyclist hand signals and what they mean. 1,206 more words


Proving Myself Wrong: Half Marathon Training

I have never considered myself an athlete.  My sports of choice growing up–martial arts, dance, and golf–seemed to me more like activities.  They made me physically and mentally flexible, strong, and balanced.   438 more words


What to look out for when buying a second hand bike

We all would like to drive that brand new super bike or cruiser straight off the show room floor, however one’s finances doesn’t always allow this or in other cases it is unwise to buy a brand new motorcycle if you are only starting to ride. 1,882 more words


What is highsiding and lowsiding?

In the motorcycle world and in motorcycle racing events one often hears that a rider has highsided or lowsided. These two terms have become widely used terminology, however few people truly understand the difference between the two concepts. 677 more words


Why do bikers dress the way they do?

Why do we dress in all the mad leathery bits? Why do you wear that leather jacket on a hot summers day? Do you wear leathers to look cool? 552 more words