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This is what happens

When you don’t continue to “polish” your marriage

Rusted Memorabilia Champagne Flutes From Things Remembered

It’s ironic my marriage will now always be a memory. I hope one day to remember the good more so than the bad. 9 more words

"bad poetry"

in grade school, there’s always a section of english

dedicated to poetry.


we’re taught to rhyme

and rhythm

and jive

and jazz

whoops wrong lesson… 52 more words


I’m not against Nigerian care providers but…

I don’t like to be labeled as ‘racist’ through this entry, but as what I have noticed as I worked with them for more than two years… I must say that some or even most NIGERIAN carers are MEAN, UNFAIR and IRONIC. 654 more words

NT Life

Ban Anti Trans Camps

A new trend has come to the ultra far left. While Russia unveils its new nuclear arsenal & far right groups gaining momentum worldwide the Radical Feminist Movement is now going to war with the trans community. 740 more words

Make them uncomfortable

Lately I’ve been reflecting on a recent, ironic however race-related joke made – to which I hold no grudges, apologies were accepted. It did get me thinking. 196 more words


Ain't it Funny?

Ain’t it funny how the storms always draw us together? Or how in pain there are always promises sewn? Ain’t it funny how the most memorable comments don’t necessarily have the best grammar? 82 more words


It was funny how life worked

Almost in circles

We are bound to go around

Both our curses and blessings

An ironic destiny