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When Not To Dance in Rain


  1. you see your bed floating in water.
  2. cat growls because you are standing on its tail and its underwater.
  3. your family is in the boat and you are not.
  4. 99 more words

Terrific Technology Taking Over Our Lonesome Lives.

Humans are becoming  more and more Dependant on technology by the day. But at what cost?

In return for all the technology we have today, many things we cherished have become lax, non-existent… let alone important. 325 more words


Confessions of a Social Media Addict

“Successfully posted.”

That was very good.
Can expect minimum like tally of 40.


*Scroll down*

“23 Things That Happen On Every Girls’ Night In” 577 more words

'What is sobriety with food?': Alanis Morissette addresses the struggles she had while recovering from eating disorder


PUBLISHED: 19:49 EST, 21 August 2015 | UPDATED: 21:27 EST, 21 August 2015

She made her name twenty years ago with the angry hit written from the perspective of a scorned lover. 533 more words

Another 5 words that should die an agonising death

Pathetic fallacy. Literally. Putrefy. Puke. Gastronomy. What do these words all have in common? They should all die an agonising death. For one reason or another, they fell afoul of that great literary deity (known to his devoted followers simply as ‘Matt’). 361 more words


Volunteer "Guard" At Exclusionary Gun Store Shoots Himself In The Arm

It’s not quite rain on your wedding day or a free ride when you’ve already paid, but there’s a certain fabulous irony about a person who volunteered to help protect a gun store shooting themselves by mistake. 188 more words


Ironic landscapes

One of the many comments I gained from my mid semester results was statement about my landscape paintings as being ironic. This struck me as odd as how can a landscape be ironic, however over the last month and a half since receiving these comments I have discovered that my work does have a slight irony about them. 143 more words