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The Supposed Change

This is the English Language speaking skills speech of mine from last year. It still remains one of the most powerful and impacting speeches that i have ever given. 598 more words

Something to Make You Smile

Just me, these  tickled my funny.

1. I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather.  Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car. 75 more words


Ironic loss

It finally happened, Real Madrid lost and the streak is over at 40 straight matches unbeaten. It had to happen sometime, we all knew that, and better now than later when it would be too late to fix, after all we are still at the top of the table with one less match, but the way it happened makes me thing the universe has a dark sense of humor sometimes. 371 more words

Ice cream - Battles


Ice cream is included in Gloss Drop, the second album of the american band Battles.
Battles are known for being much caring about their music video. 61 more words


Rub - Peaches


Peaches is an australian Berlin placed musician, singer and performer. Her art concept revolves around sexual freedom and gender.
Rub is the first single from the album Rub (2016).


Life...It's Just so...Sigh

Life is weird. Life is strange. Life is ironic.

One morning, everything is normal. Same old routine. Things as usual. By that evening, it’s all over. 377 more words

Trump is looking for the next Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture 1971-1976

Trump still hasn’t chosen a Secretary of Agriculture, the last empty seat in the eclectic Cabinet. Maybe he’s looking for someone who can revive the legacy of Earl Butz… 194 more words

Farm Policy