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No Alanis, that is NOT what ironic means

To point out the irony of this photo;

it is taped to the white board at work. Yes. Taped. = IRONIC

Which leads me to the Alanis M song… 353 more words


How to Have a Great Day

Here’s how to have a really great day:

  • Do things that both you and the people around you enjoy
  • Make sure that what you do is useful (or beautiful)
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“Life Is Too Short” 2017
Digital Collage
Bryan Payment©

A Boy Named Ignazio

I had a boyfriend named Ignazio. He was a few inches taller than me and owned a white GoPro camera. Do they even have white GoPro’s? 233 more words

GIRL POWER--sooooort of not reallyyyyyy....

You know those girl power songs? The ones, like MAMAMOO’s latest one “Yes I Am,” where they celebrate their girl power and confidence in their looks and personalities? 895 more words

The Ironic Fear of a Horror Writer

The Ironic Fear of a Horror Writer

by Lee A. Forman

As a writer of horror, I often create disturbing material and describe it in great detail. 228 more words