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Must Your Gratitude Be A Knife?

On top of my labour
In the farmyard
I often proffer you
Milk, cheese, manure and hide
To render grand
Your life,
Then how come… 10 more words

Five-Hundred Word Challenge 157: Hawaiian Shirt

There’s something that can be said about the extreme inability to care about what others think about your complete lack of fashion when you’re wearing the mighty item known as the Hawaiian shirt. 528 more words


The curse of the blessed

It is unfair
A barber’s son should
Go with unkempt or wild Hair!

How come Ethiopia,
Africa’s water tower,
Suffer for its crops
A timely  reviving shower!//


Wherever whenever Italy

While shopping around in the supermarket as part of my Friday routine, I hear a conversation between two strangers that trying to help each other to choose between one of the many options of cookies for biscuits cake. 92 more words


Pretty sure “ironicate” isn’t a real word, but I like it, and may start using it regularly.

It’s a verb to be used when you want to create a gap between reality and expectations. 111 more words


The Ironic Trend of Obesity and Undernutrition Around the World – trivia hub today

It is such an irony that the two most phenomenal health issues the world is facing today are obesity and undernutrition. Both of these are aspects of malnutrition and the leading causes of many deaths among young children ages 5 and below. 18 more words