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You selfish son of a bitch
you’re such a beautiful fucking thing.



from inside to out
you spit it out without waiting for the answer
stillborn like your doubt
your empathy for commit sins are so stout… 32 more words


"Come for the Brawls; stay for the Bargains"

Black Friday Lives Matter!

Yes we now have such fond memories of the holiday season ‘kick-off’, with such rabble roused, stampeding herds, of eager shoppers willing to ‘do unto others’ to get that 20% off on new garbage. 644 more words



A great deal of our lives is dedicated to becoming who we are, one might argue that in the daily dynamic situation called life, the individual remains the one constant. 671 more words


Cooking Up Trouble

Kensington sent me the book cover for my romance that comes out April, 2016.  I posted it on my author’s facebook page, but thought I’d wait to post it here until Thanksgiving weekend.   542 more words



Interesting think about when you lie
you always look up
like asking permission from God to
choke another truth
when your eyes bow down
you believe that you wear a crown… 31 more words


France begins jailing people for ironic comments

It may sound like an ironic joke, but it isn’t. Less than a week after the massive rallies in defense of “free expression,” following the murders of the… 2,028 more words