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I have never thought about life this way but it is true; you have to have felt and understood both sides to know the difference. 60 more words

your name is not always your destiny

I participate in various listservs, including several from my almae matres. One of them had That Person. You know That Person. She (in this case, it was a she) was the one who was always stirring up trouble, needling people, just generally being horrible. 201 more words


"A Tymely Lymerick Tyme Lymerick"

A limerick is a gimmick; of which a writer should have no limit; using rhythm and rhyme and humor sometimes; to confirm to the reader the author really is slick.


Moving Back Home Vs. Trying it Solo?

Is it always worth trying to live by yourself versus coming home, let’s see. There are advantages to both.

Moving Home PROS

  • Cheap/ no rent; can be put toward savings or rent for the future…
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"Gender Dysphoria"

“And what we must not do, what we must never do, is turn on our neighbors, our family members, our fellow Americans for something that they cannot control and deny what makes them human,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Monday. 472 more words



Amid the colored lights
I feel like smashing them all
Scattering pretty sparkles
All over the ground
While dancing on the shards
Laughing as the icicles… 34 more words


python-redfish reached 0.3, first interesting version for others

Back in 2015, during our internal TES event in Grenoble, a group of people gathered to talk about the new Redfish DMTF standard and how we could add its… 292 more words