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How to Sleep 12 Hours a Day and Feel Unaccomplished 

I’d like to thank Yari for this idea. (Please pardon my #Selfy)

Disclaimer: Underaccomplished isn’t a real word.

Hey there, young successful person. You ever feel down in the dumps from all of this productivity and accomplishment you have? 375 more words



With irony, fate

offers to shoulder the burden

of our disappointments

what a relief

what a relief

here paralyzed by the fear

that today I’ll get nothing done


It's Like a Black Fly...

A blog I meant to start 5 months ago has been put off just long enough for my entire world to change. What was meant to be my venting place, writings of my wine fueled rants, or possibly restaurant or bar recommendations is now going to be quite different; well, at least for the next 7-8 months. 277 more words

"Gated Equality"

There seems to be a social disparity occurring from those who live in the suburbs and those in the inner city and I think I have a solution to that disparity. 234 more words


"Parabel Parabola"

There are some ‘parables’ we hear in our days that hold great insight to things.
Perhaps I should rephrase that…
There are some parables said the ‘we should hear in our days’ that hold great insight into things. 777 more words