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In order to meet at the OpenStack Summit in Austin, vote for us !

We’ve made 3 different but related proposals for the upcoming OpenStack Summit, and as everybody, we would like to be retained in order to disclose what we’re working on and think could improve the ecossytem. 183 more words


Work Guilt and Low Sodium Diets

I’ve always been a hard worker. Call me a bad millennial, (and I hate that I get grouped into that generation with it getting such a bad rap – although I see where it comes from with some of them, just not me!), but I’m not good at slacking at work when I’m supposed to be working and getting paid for it. 445 more words


Im tired. Dead tired. My mind travels from here and there. My body won’t cooperate so I lay here on this bed. It’s 5:39 PM. My work from client will be 7 hrs and 20mins from now. 64 more words

Kaitlin Mahar: Those aren't mortar boards. They're combat helmets.

Diplomas are handed off like batons for the inescapable rat-race. Tassels are twirled, caps thrown into the air, and, as soon as those optimistically-decorated hats hit the ground, disorganized chaos sets it. 217 more words



I’m gonna say something

It’s been days since I last updated my blog. I don’t know but during the past days, I wasn’t feeling myself. It was already bothersome– the level of laziness I’ve been having. 254 more words

Image Macros and the Stance of Ironic Detachment

For a couple of days last summer, smoke from the forest fires that were ravaging British Columbia swaddled the city of Vancouver. The truly devastating scenes were occurring around Pemberton where the fire was wreaking havoc, but the visible manifestation in the metropolitan area was unsettling. 532 more words

Social Contrary

Too late now to say sorry

“Is it too late now to say sorry? Cause I’m missing more than just your body, oh”

If, at any point in the last two months, you have left your apartment/house/non-rock abode, than I am pretty positive you have heard these lyrics before. 548 more words