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Isn't it Ironic?


She says she doesn’t like to label people.

But talks about one of her son’s, as if he was his disability,

another son’s foolishness as him “just being a man” 103 more words

Uncertainty and Anxiety and Fidgeting; Oh My!

I wish I knew why, or what, or where, or why not. I don’t do well with uncertainty.

It doesn’t matter what part of my life the uncertainty is centered in, it infiltrates everything. 265 more words


Real, Like Rock & Roll

Your AHAmoment for today is brought to you by Sean McConnell. It is too good not to share.

Heart and soul. That is what matters. 618 more words


Trying to Stay Fresh: Moschino

My choice this time was based on 100% packaging. Moschino’s Fresh is in a cut out folder that looks like a tiny bottle of windex. Maybe this is one of those dual-use products. 877 more words

Fragrance Sample

Дмитрий Рубин & Татьяна Хоменко - “Самая Грустная Песня”

“Самая Грустная Песня” (“The Saddest Song) is a Hip Hop song composed by Mischinov Egor with lyrics written by Dmitry Adyasov and recorded by Dmitry Rubin & Tatyana Khomenko at the end of the year 2015. 231 more words


S. ATIRE WEEKLY NEWS MAR 6TH - Cake Sale Kerfuffle

Welcome to the second weekly news digest for South Atire, the quaint English village in the heart of Wales. This weekly round up will give you all of the local information that you need: 348 more words



Disciplining kids on their phones during class watching the new Lorde video as if that’s not the first thing I’m going to do once they leave. 109 more words