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I'm now a polaroid bitch

I got myself a polaroid camera for $25 from an antique style thrift shop on my way back from the diner this morning. I was with my friend Nick and his friend Adam, and when I took it out of the bag on our walk home to add a snap to my story about my new find, they couldn’t stop making fun of me. 358 more words

Speak freely

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword and there are expressions like: “Spitting daggers” or a person has a sharp tongue. These are expressions that have been used for generations; they change a little as more the modern use of language becomes a thing. 573 more words


10 Steps to Prevent Sexual Assault

We are here to help everyone, including potential future rapists. Read these reminders to prevent you from ruining your reputation and someone else’s life:

  1. When you see someone walking alone assume they wish to be alone and therefore leave them alone.
  2. 218 more words


Gorgeous, I have not stopped thinking about you. Is this the part where I write a love poem about you? Nah, this time I’ll skip that part. 162 more words


Meet during the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Barcelona

For the first time, I’ll be speaking at the OpenStack Summit during the main conference.

I’ll talk about the possibility to add Redfish support to… 142 more words


The Worst Car Crash

Yes I am hurting, it’s hard to see but I am, see I always feel like I’m not good enough like I should try harder until I collapse or so. 213 more words