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Isn't It Ironic...

​Isn’t it ironic, when someone asks you how you are and before you answer they have already walked away… We don’t care, anymore. We’re so busy rushing, to where? 21 more words


Wheel of Fruitless Manias

Today I figured to try and write my first blog entry. Why? Because:

  1. why not?
  2. everyone else seems to be doing it
  3. this just looks way more professional with a longer, third option…
  4. 948 more words

No, it's a coincidence!

I know this is from last November, but it popped up in my Facebook feed today.  James Corden and Alanis Morissette updated the lyrics to the song “Ironic” and it’s great.   79 more words

Is's it ironic

Dear Friend,

It’s so lonely here. Here in a room full of people, smiling and chatting , pretending. It’s a hard pill to swallow when the blinders come off and you realize that it’s all a twisted game. 89 more words


Poem: Hock Loogies

Where’s my fucking Fanta, motherfucking cocksucker

and you’re not even good at it, artisans take pride

in work done well

but you’re not of them, are you?  155 more words

Andrew Halter