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Same story heard twice

In my teenage years I dated a guitar player. One day we went to the studio where a quite famous and mainstream pop rock band rehearsed, to meet the guitarist who was selling my boyfriend an amplifier. 195 more words

People majoring in English

Selected reference

Eugenides, J. (2011). The marriage plotLondon: Fourth Estate.


Dear Charming (part 1)

Dear charming,

I am going to call you charming because to me, that’s what you were from the very beginning. I remember the times we had brief encounters in the past and we barely spoke but you always intrigued me. 483 more words

Fire in the lake

Daily routine,


Heads over heels,


Red eyes,


Fire in the lake,


Stuck in traffic,



A Reality. 6 more words


Hi, Friend.

It’s 10:37 AM on Tuesday. It’s been a few days since I’ve wrote, I had a busy weekend.

I had jury duty today *hard eye roll*. 597 more words


Grocery Grandeur

The wind howls in the cool wet darkness

The rains ease graciously

The heavy truck door is forced shut by the storm’s breeze

Only to be stopped from latching shut… 232 more words

A Story

So you need a management network quick-smart?

TripleO deployments can be deployed with an optional Management VLAN. You can use this to run ansible playbooks, monitoring systems and manage your cloud, hence the name. 136 more words