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The Bumpy Journey Begins

It was a long train ride to Astoria; the Polar Express doesn’t run this time of year, so I had to use a number of local trains to get me all the way to Queens.  199 more words



Have you ever felt like time stopped, and you’re stuck in the same moment for what seems like an eternity?  Or maybe you side-step to avoid a puddle, but then there’s another one so you side-step back, and then another and another. 240 more words


Trump Praises of the Secret Service the Same Day Scandal is Reported!

Ironically, just today the Donald can’t say enough great things about the Secret Service.  He said:

“First of all, the Secret Service is unbelievable,” 485 more words

Ironic Lines

Two lovers of the past
One moved on
One was stuck
Bitter of the love not given back
Still hurting, questioning
What happened
The love they build together… 150 more words



I can not fathom how intricate my love for him is. Through the years that i spent with him,is like having the whole world inside my head. 172 more words


Applying for jobs you don't get

I made a tragic application. I dissed myself a lot. I then ended the application by saying that I was ironic, if they couldn’t understand it. 213 more words



Do you ever wake up feeling like you have been battling yourself throughout your life?

The worse part is waking up in that battle and feeling like you’ve already lost yourself in trying to be something which you are not. 486 more words