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An Ironmind makes an Ironman

I have something that has been repeating in my mind over and over again since my long ride on Saturday.



Nail Bending - Ironmind Red Nail

Many people ask why we bend perfectly good nails and other short steel.  More people have asked why we have this business.  Recently I made a trip to Halifax and managed to hand deliver an order to a customer in Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia.   190 more words

Expand Your Hand Bands

Expand Your Hand Bands from Ironmind are now available for purchase in Canada.


When we were asked to bring the Expand Your Hand Bands product in I was reluctant as it seemed expensive for rubber-bands.   179 more words

Training 9 5

Light warm up. Abs, GHR, Scap Depressions, foam rolling

  1. Cat Squat 50% 8×2(185) / 4in pinch block 45 + implement
  2. Reverse Hyper sets of 13 (50,90,140,180,180)
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Grip Strength (again) -- i.e. "The Man Who Couldn't Quit"

The package arrived and I opened it with equal parts excitement and fear.  As I tore open the packaging and touched the aluminum handles, out wafted the smell of light machine oil and the distant aroma of burning tendons… 74 more words

Martial Arts

Sandbag Training: A Journey Through My Mistakes

Sandbag training originally came into my lifting regimen as a replacement exercise for squats and deadlifts during a deload week. If this already sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun to you, then we are definitely on the same page. 1,331 more words


"Twist Yo' Wrist" Price

Where can I find Twist Yo’ Wrist Reviews

Check Price Twist Yo’ Wrist Reviews Today You can Buy Best Sale Deals IronMind 1369 Price is best Discover the perfect Michele for your future.

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