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“Is this thing on?

This pretend microphone of magnified occulance?

The unattainable reality,
of a perception we kill (our)self over?

Playing into that bullshit of boasting our identity, dancing for the masters. 7 more words


Year 1-The ViaLife...

A year ago today I left my job at Callaway to enter the world of Defense and Space…

My goal was to find a position that was more than just about toys. 441 more words


First World Problems

Under the heading “Are You Kidding Me?!”, this:

Textaphrenia: A disease found in teens, in which they have heard or felt a new text message vibration when there is no message. 43 more words

Wednesday, August 31 and Thursday, September 1

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“We’re all crazy some of us just hide it more than others.” ~”One Tree Hill”

ATTN: SENIOR CREATIVE WRITERS!  University of North Carolina Creative Writing Thomas Wolfe Scholarship… 116 more words

70 Percent off the end of the world, What a deal!

Presented (almost) without comment.

I know there is some sort of life lesson here. If only I could find it …

In any case, thank you Peter Lorie!  56 more words

Random Thoughts

A Mommy Hangover

Most moms have taken a picture of it. If, not, they’ve definitely seen it. Their baby spread eagle, passed out “drunk” on milk (or formula). … 259 more words



Fingers entwined.

Twenty years’

anticipation –

quiet, mind.

Startle not.

Sun-kissed skin,

leathery faces.

Grey city

in their eyes.

Green forest

by their side.

The chimps smile,

a slice of sunshine,