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Loki and Limits

I don’t think I’ve ever explained why I feel so drawn to Loki, aside from the fact that he’s a lot of fun, of course. The first time I really felt drawn to him was the first time I read the Lokasenna (a.k.a. 939 more words


White Out

I am not someone to have a favourite colour… I have preferences in colour for different things. I like colourful towels, dark vehicles, bright fruits and autumn leaves. 214 more words

Thinking Out Loud

True Beauty

Heavenly bodies

Most share the same basic form

Roughly spherical


The Man Who Cannot Die Hard

He was standing on the chair with the rope around his neck. He wanted to die. When the thoughts of death filled the mind more than much as you breathe, there is no need left to try on. 913 more words


étude #17 / two fingers

she put two fingers
on my lips to hush me.

there wasn’t any cigarette between them
nor a flower to stick between my teeth
to make it gimmicky romantic… 21 more words


My statement supporting the Iran Deal


Friends, fellow travelers, countrymen, I come to praise this deal, not to bury it. The good that men do lives after them, the evil is oft interred with their bones. 1,264 more words