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A Tale of Oddity and Woe. 

Many weeks ago, I had a Freewriting session that I quite enjoyed. I’ve decided to post it up here because it wasn’t doing anything in my flash drive anyway.

558 more words
All Shall Become Dust

Oh Well - A Triku

Murky waters swell

The acid rains burn like hell

Drinking waters smell


Little time to dwell

Food not eaten from its shell

A parched final knell… 18 more words


The Spread Love Challenge

The incredibly awesome Mara Eastern nominated me to spread love. Strange, considering that I’m all in for bitterness and fights. But this challenge sounded sweet, so I took it up. 213 more words


Irony of Confidence

I have received a higher grade than I deserved based on my appearance. It was during one of my semesters as a sophomore. I was taking a studio lighting class as an elective to gain some well-needed in the area of photography. 506 more words


Irony: Gone Girl

Gone Girl used all three types of irony and it’s one of the reasons that it was such an entertaining read. All three were used to enhance the plot and suspense in various ways. 634 more words


I have just been warned off...

…my OWN frigging Blogger blog!

‘GO NO FURTHER!‘ it said, in so many words – beneath a skull and crossbones motif most fetchingly realised in fresh blood! 183 more words