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Death At McDonald: Cow Related

Funny tragic, is not funnier than when a cow is involved. Ready for slaughter and in a moment of desperation bolts out, then stampedes through town only to wind up killed at a McDonald. 734 more words

Commenting The World

How to lose facial fat.

Position yourself in front of mirror.
Survey with loathing all that needs changing,
blink for a count of twenty.
Grin wide, let it stretch across face, 61 more words


cliff top church

the view

from the cemetery©


Creative Writing

Glad to be HAD

What better way to end a long, grueling day at work than with dog chores?? Yes, the sociopathic boss, shrinking paycheck and endless streAm of metrics are all made worthwhile by picking up the dog’s poop, untangling the dog’s leash and the bizarre sounds of a dog chowing down his food. 23 more words

My Glamorous Life

Irony: Commencement speaker Michelle Obama urges Oberlin 'safe spacers' to leave their comfort zones

In advance of Michelle Obama’s Memorial Day commencement address at Oberlin College in Ohio, Twitchy reviewed the experience of Christina Hoff Sommers, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, … 292 more words


All men are equal, in Heaven

A Socialist, carrying a red flag, marched through the gates of Heaven. “To hell with rank!” he shouted. “All men are equal here.” Just then the late Karl Marx turned a corner and came into view, meditatively stroking his whiskers. 33 more words