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#Outlander poetry- Jamais etre pris vivant

Jamais être pris vivant,

for to be martyred to a great cause

is man’s greatest achievement;

a sacrifice of love,

so say the rolls of honour, 116 more words


Oh the Irony

The more I grow up the more I wish I could grow young. I know that sounds weird, but I also know that most of you know exactly what I mean. 111 more words


Clip from VCD282 [Hindi] on the topic of Sanyasi:

These gurus have hundreds of followers. They make them call guru of world. Now, will guru of world be many? Guru of entire world should be one. 283 more words


How things change...

And how does Blossom stand a chance against a long legged ‘angelic’ beauty with the ‘perfect’ personality?


No Way!

Bonus question: Do you see how weeds can be used as graffiti, despite anti-graffiti regulations? It takes a little planning, but, hey, it’s cheaper than spray paint.

Human Wisdom Vs. Book Knowledge

"Financial Aide"

I qualified for student loans to begin my college experience. I just got a check from the university, for my classes.

Is this ironic to anyone else?  42 more words