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I Too, Am A Villain

I refuse to save the world with my words. Rather, I’ll wait until the world is beyond repair and then write how nobody did anything to prevent it.

Simply Scheide

Buddha Wisdom

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.”- Gautama Buddha

This blog strictly with the home team of F,S&HG! 35 more words


No Hole, No Doughnut

Rains must fall for flora to bloom
The sun returns to lighten the gloom
Burdens of time rise and drop
All’s wound-up to never stop… 94 more words


Fearing Tenure: The Loss Of Community

In ‘The Clouded Prism: Minority Critique of the Critical Legal Studies Movement‘, Harlan L. Dalton wrote:

I take it that everyone drawn to CLS is interested in specifying in concrete terms the dichotomy between autonomy and community. 575 more words


Newsletter 26 - project mystic sword

Welcome to our 26th newsletter

You may all have heard the rumours that the number of mystical swords aiding heroes in their fight for justice is on the increase, well sit back, relax and take a deep breath and smile for Villains 4u are their creators. 608 more words


Better luck next time

On my knees
holding the ring
Will you marry me?
You said “Yes”, but
the ring couldn’t fit

Photo credit: – wedstyle.org/diamond-wedding-ring-for-women/diamond-wedding-ring-sets/