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[Irony] "Open Borders Advocate Anally Raped by Migrant"

“A migrant anally raped an open borders advocate who hung out with him and his friend to prove she wasn’t “xenophobic.”…

“I’ve always felt sorry for those who move because of war,” she… 98 more words


...Rod Stewart singing sad songs

I hope this is obvious, but it’s not the point of The Things I Love…to take popular positions on unpopular things. There was a time when, say, Kylie, was derided for being ‘fake’, whatever… 771 more words


how to fight an ostrich

*I saw that I reached 70 followers. That’s awesome, you guys! Thank you so much! Here’s a really short flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy it!* 439 more words


If I Was Dead

If I was dead
I hope everyone would smile
Like a happy occassion
Where everything is perfect
As everything was perfect

If I was dead… 60 more words


my Cauc girl

last week on a date


louis vuitton Cauc girl

armored with steelettos

towered over me to state:

white privilege is a myth

just as the indian hostess pleasantly asked… 44 more words


Wise Women: quote of the day 4/23/18

“I have survivor skills. Some of that is superficial – what I present to people outwardly – but what makes people resilient is the ability to find humour and irony in situations that would otherwise overpower you.” – Amy Tan