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Another sailor slips the pier
To the swift beyond
No waiting in this queue
Will call when your turn comes up
No use guessing
No use jumping the line… 51 more words


Beauty Rules

Always balanced, yet balancing still,
beauty’s virtues are equal to its vices.
Vague and invincible at its best,
mean and selfish at its worst,
beauty’s contradictions compel… 162 more words


'Soul' sisters

News flashed all over town- An orphan girl committed suicide in the bayou. Rumors spread and tales developed of possible heartbreak, disease or depression, while the lifting corners of her sister’s lips, the sand grains on the end of her jeans and her wet – greasy hair ends had an entirely different story to tell.


The Irony of the Philippine Government's "Prides"

The Irony of the Philippine Government’s “Prides”

By Apolinario Villalobos

The Philippines, first and foremost is an agricultural country but the government is insisting on infrastructures to make it at par with other realistically progressive neighboring Asian countries. 568 more words

Apolinario Villalobos

Dearest Readers

I know, the thing up there, this is my first time blogging, okay? Recently it has donned on me that my life seems quite funny. Before i didn’t notice it, much, but then it hit me that I should write this shit down. 52 more words


Which Witch is Which

Being a Journalism major you have no idea how frustrating it is to see grown adults get simple homophones mixed up during everyday use. Which/witch, their/there/they’re,  pray/prey, week/weak, poor/pour, too/two/too….you get the point. 238 more words

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