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Giving South Aussies a fresh start

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FOR Nadia Schutt, working for Market Fresh SA is more than just doing a job. 3,480 more words

AN SA News And Photos

Censored Society

An interesting aspect of the land of the Houyhnhnms was how they were much rationalized beings. Gulliver’s three year observations of the great virtues Houyhnhnms is essential to understanding Swifts satirical literature. 308 more words

The Quest For Enlightenment (2/6-2/17)

/deɪ fɔː / Browsing books and slipping class

The topics of the day included the emotional connection millennials seem to have with coffee and also their complete disregard for proper retirement planning. Oh, dear. 100 more words

Agios Riginios coming right up

A quick head’s up for this weekend. Saturday is the Feast of Agios Riginios so grocery stores and stores in general will be closed.
Sunday is Tis Kales (more about that later). 78 more words


/deɪ θriː / The Lumberjack and Kloof Street Hipster

Armed with a greater sense of disillusionment our band of hipsters took to the streets of town in order to capture the perfect nonchalant class picture. 236 more words

/deɪ tuː/ Hotter than hand roasted coffee

Day two – the challenge was on. The classes joined in on the fun/madness and started to show their steel… or is that fixed-gear bicycles? Armed with a selfie stick, the Advanced Class took to teenage slang and ironic selfies. 62 more words