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Targeted IRRs in Crowdfunding

Targeted internal rate of return, or IRR, is used widely to advertise deals on Crowdfunding sites, real estate and otherwise. While target IRR means something to sophisticated sponsors and investors, its widespread and uncritical use makes me a little uneasy, for the following reasons: 430 more words


Its time to get professional advice

Its time to get professional advice  –   by guest blogger Anne Leroux

The time when retirement planning was straightly mapped out is long gone.

To millennials, the   rules   managing our parents and grandparents spending are so farfetched they slide straight into the category of fantasy. 103 more words

Financial Reporting

CRM2 Reporting made Easy

CRM2 reporting requirements are coming.   In the UK and Australia, where similar rules were adopted, the fallout was huge in the financial services industry.  Alone, the new reporting requirements demanded more time and effort from financial advisors and created more office burden. 218 more words

Financial Reporting

แฉหมดเปลือก! เทคนิควิเคราะห์ Feasibility Study แบบมือโปร

“อยากทำ Feasibility Study เป็น ต้องใช้ความรู้อะไรบ้างครับ?”


ในฐานะที่มีประสบการณ์ทำ Project Feasibility มาบ้าง ขอตอบด้วยบทความนี้ครับ ^__^ 294 more words

Feasibility Study

Life Insurance As An Asset Class

We all need life insurance to take care of the economic loss to our families in case of our early demise.

In case we are taking on huge debts, it also makes good sense to purchase life insurance of a value high enough to cover them in case of your untimely demise. 441 more words


IndyCar News Week in Review: Election Edition

Photo from abcnews4.com

Millions of mostly legal voters turned out across the U.S. on Tuesday, exercising their sacred right to have a say in the nation’s direction. 285 more words


ex: Jeopardy

– irregular verbs –

– class, groups –

To check if students know their irregulars: https://www.jeopardy.rocks/irregularverbsandstuff.

This site offers a fantastic template for fun and competitive group work and homework checking.