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Venture Capital - Between Returns & Fund Sizes

Interesting article by Jason Rowley on the lack of a correlation b/w venture capital fund sizes & fund returns.

Venture Capital Is Boring

Venture Capital

Can I Teach Your Money the Duration Trick?

Even the most sophisticated among us, when a magic trick is performed well, can’t resist its fascination. Let’s admit that. As small kids we thought there was some special power in the hands of the magician. 673 more words

Private Equity

IndyCar In China Chatter: Our Enlightened Take

Mark Miles – who’s starting to resemble an unfortunate cross between “Baghdad Bob” from Saddam’s days and the current White house spokesman – was forced to issue a statement Monday acknowledging talks for a race in Beijing in October. 447 more words

IndyCar Racing

LBO 101

“To understand LBO concept, you can think about you, in buying a house using a combination of a down payment and a mortgage. the down payment is called equity and the mortagge is called debt… )”. 467 more words


PE 101

Llevo bastante tiempo queriendo retomar el blog; quiero contar tantas cosas que me cuesta encontrar el tiempo para escribirlas, y cuanto más lo dejo, más cosas hay que contar, con lo que se va haciendo una bola de nieve. 2,118 more words

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