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IMS's Latest Dirty Trick

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Poor decisions and IndyCar leadership have unfortunately become synonymous.

A recent announcement revealed that a midget dirt track of all things is being constructed on the… 421 more words

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Yale and the Wolf, a Venture Capital Performance Tale

Every year, the press coverage about the release of the annual financial reports of one of the most prestigious investment offices in the world, often referred as the benchmark for long term investing, reminds me of a classical tale. 762 more words

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A Note To Texas Detractors

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The complaints began with Saturday’s rain out and grew more vociferous and objectionable from there. No one can control the rainy conditions and as Charles Dudley Warner said, “everybody talks about the weather but nobody seems to do anything about it.” 462 more words

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What would the payback period be for a robotic arm used by McDonald's for food preparation?

A variety of robots were featured at the 2016 National Restaurant Show that could be used for a variety of tasks in restaurants. These robots are being introduced at the same time that we are experiencing an on-going debate in the U.S. 348 more words

Teaching Accounting


They say life is tough at the top, but in truth, the largest public and private property companies with a strong balance sheet have relatively easy access to development finance and can often use corporate banking facilities or capital market funding (corporate bond issues, private placements etc.) to fund their development activities cost effectively. 1,355 more words

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Venture Capital - Between Returns & Fund Sizes

Interesting article by Jason Rowley on the lack of a correlation b/w venture capital fund sizes & fund returns.

Venture Capital Is Boring

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Can I Teach Your Money the Duration Trick?

Even the most sophisticated among us, when a magic trick is performed well, can’t resist its fascination. Let’s admit that. As small kids we thought there was some special power in the hands of the magician. 673 more words

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