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Can I Serve In The Reserves?

I am still in the IRR. Once I got off active duty I was having some guilt/anger issues and for my wife I agreed to get evaluated. 82 more words

Cutting costs? Beware of cutting performance!

Optimising the returns and understanding the downside risks of renewable power projects is vital for developers and the investors who fund them.

Even a quick and simple analysis can show there to be a number of factors at play; and that it’s not difficult to change the profits of the project quite substantially. 1,893 more words


Reflections on A Sivanandan's 'All that Melts into the Air is Solid'

I have recently started up Hotchpotch again, as part of the Extra Pages project. It’s ‘an intellectual night for non-academics’ – a participatory evening of discussion, debate, bring-and-share readings, presentation from an activist/community group and also a lecture by a layperson on a text that they have found interesting. 1,955 more words


Project selection methods-PMP exercise

Hi All,
​In one of my previous post I had explained the project selection parameters,today we shall solve some problems which are likely to appear in PMP exam… 159 more words

How much do the costs of Finance matter?

We tend to focus a lot on the installed cost of renewables, on how reducing these will reduce the price at which power projects can sell their electricity. 1,307 more words


Which investment is better?

I have $10,000 to invest over the next six years. I have a chance to buy equipment that will save me $2000 a year for five years and after that I could sell it for $3000. 658 more words


Private Equity in 2015

Sell, sell, maybe buy. That is the adage for 2015 in private equity. As the (extended) holdings from 2006 and 2007 vintages and the matured distressed investments of the post-crisis era reach the tipping points of IRR thresholds, it can be expected to see a healthy level of exits being sought across all fund strategies. 782 more words