Hot Jupiter irradiation and the efficiency of heat recirculation

Here’s an interesting plot from a new paper by Michael Zhang et al.

The x-axis is the irradiation temperature for a sample of hot-Jupiter exoplanets; that is, how blasted the day-side of their atmosphere is by irradiation from the host star. 186 more words

Hot Jupiters

Bacterial Bogymen

For the majority of my life a perceived bogymen lurking in every nook and cranny. Many of those evil bastards were in the form of Bacteria and they were scary, terrifying even. 695 more words

What happens to short-period hot-Jupiter planets?

Hot-Jupiter planets close to their host star will arouse tides in the host star, and the gravitational pull from tidal bulges will cause the planet to gradually spiral inwards. 249 more words

Hot Jupiters


Video for the track Phytoplankton from Temp 010d by Electric Indigo and Irradiation released in June 2011 on Temp~Records, Vienna: https://www.facebook.com/TEMP.Records


China’s First Wastewater Plant Using Electron Beams Opens

World’s leading textile producer China has opened its first ever plant that uses electron beams to treat industrial wastewater in vast textile dyeing industry, ushering in a new era for radiation technology. 250 more words


Irradiated ground beef approved by Health Canada

Ground beef on Canadian grocery store shelves now has the official go-ahead to be treated with irradiation.

Irradiation is a process that blasts food with a low level of ionizing radiation. 272 more words



01-31- Fluorite #3.

Fluorite reflects light from everywhere. In this sketch, I centered the design of its beautiful geometrical symmetry around a hole-centered inclusion – a lost electron liberated by irradiation – that defines its color spectrum -. 21 more words

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