Why white looks bigger than black —the Irradiation Illusion

The term irradiation illusion  was coined by German scientist Hermann von Helmholtz in the 1860s to describe the visual perception in which a light area appears larger than an identically-sized dark area. 879 more words

What the?

See this papaya?

See the little sticker?

What on earth does “Irradiated to protect the environment” even *mean*?

Why was my fruit subjected to radiation? Was it to kill any fruit fly larvae? 8 more words


Health Canada to propose the sale of irradiated ground beef in June

EDMONTON – Health Canada will propose regulatory changes to Food and Drug Regulations next month that would allow the sale of irradiated ground beef in Canada. 149 more words


Editorial: Radiation-induced mutation

Published in The Hindu on December 16, 2008

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has called for increased investment in radiation-induced mutation techniques that help in producing crop varieties with high yields and disease resistance, and can grow in stressful conditions such as drought, flood, and salinity. 355 more words