Augmented Irradiations # 2 (AIR)


An awareness exercise -series by Aline – ink and pencil

A quote by  John Cage on Imaginary Landscapes
“It’s not a physical landscape. It’s a term reserved for the new technologies. 35 more words


Irradiation and learning

Dear All,
An old Latin proverb says “Mens sana in corpore sano” or “Healthy spirit in a healthy body”. This proverb underlines the importance of physical health for one’s spiritual life. 623 more words


Study Claims: “Mammography Screening is Harmful, Should be Abandoned”

It is still almost sacrilege to suggest ‘no mammograms’ … it’s still inconceivable that the medical fraternity could be wrong on anything. Unfortunately they are not infallible and as always we need to do our own research (research the sound research that is) and make informed decisions about our health. 197 more words


Irradiation Can Be an Alternative to Fumigation

By Harvey Black

USDA Agricultural Research Service scientist Peter Follett has been working for nearly 20 years to develop and expand the use of ionizing radiation to control insects that infest a range of agricultural commodities so that Hawaii can safely send these products to the U.S. 793 more words

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