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James Comey: the best (moderate) man

In all the wrathful outpourings from politicians, pundits, and ordinary people since FBI Director James Comey’s announcement yesterday July 5, 2016 (declining to prosecute Hillary Clinton) no one, to my knowledge, has noted that “moderation” is the quality most admired by advocates of the “neutral state,” conflict-resolution/peace studies, and other pacifiers who keep our all-too-independent polity on the “strait” and “narrow” (quoting… 269 more words


What does "liberty" signify?

“…You know how I feel
Scent of the pine
You know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel….” (Volvo freedom commercial: complete lyrics here: … 307 more words


Sweet,sweeter,undigestible:the thin line of Irrational idealization

,,Complacency is a state of mind that exists only in retrospective: it has to be shattered before being ascertained.,,

-Vladimir Nabokov

We pass through the present with our eyes blindfolded.

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The 2016 American Presidential Race As An Embodiment of the Direction of Western Civilization

The Western world is hungry right now for an honest, bold, authentic sounding voice in the midst of superficiality that has been our culture for the past years. 238 more words