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dream of coco

function room

dinner and dance

no themed decor

madame emcee wants me

to introduce the next act

I had to switch slippers to sneakers on stage… 93 more words

Creative Writing


ultra high—definition smart television
ultra high on self-replicating cyberdelics
Vlogs under the influence of:
—Uganda yoga music videos
—Japanese floral arrangement documentaries
—amputee seafood fetish cooking shows… 356 more words

Creative Writing

Black Sight

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Black Sight by ‪#‎irvingpaulpereira‬

“The first heavenly body to fail will be the sun.” — A prophecy.

Eyes, bon fires, x—ray, halogen, 165 more words


Play Grounds

luminescent orange tarmac. Clinical glare from double decker busses, cars, headlights passing. Final route run.

Get off the road, grief is coming, go home to your praying gardens, grief is coming. 707 more words

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