Tags » Irreal

1.3 the hospital

I don’t know how many girls made it out.

The nurse at the counter tells me to fill in the ‘crash report.’

Everything is white, bleeding into each other —the nurses station, uniforms, swinging doors, walls and ceiling and memory, even the car ramming into large cubical objects, the remains of engine parts,oil and glass— everything is a singular white blur, like a sun of halogen instead of fire. 173 more words


Glücklich sein

Wow, was für ein Titel. Ob man sich nun etwas Schönes, Inspirierendes vorstellt? Ich irgendwie nicht. Nein, ich muss bei diesen Worten an so vieles denken. 511 more words


1.2 myth of the cameraman

He is daring.

Out in public, in sunlight like this. Along common areas in a common neighbourhood, he, with his dark and tall priestly stance, his finely shaped beard, his snake charm eyes. 446 more words


1.1 amniotic women

The camera man is showing me a monochrome scene on his cctv monitor, in an unidentified room:

(It is night, false hollow light —the whites burn with over saturation—a full moon ) 228 more words


1.0 nudist dramatis

My body is hairless.

Smooth, rounded surfaces, stomach
(like lunar bloat) protruding
skin warm
(there can be fine sand on my body when sprawled)
but here, I’m upright, shoulders back, spine curvature… 888 more words


La Guerra Civil y las hadas

A través de magia y guerra, Guillermo del Toro, narra con una historia original un momento clave de la Historia de España, con hadas, un fauno y una niña. 606 more words

cliff scotch

I had the Moulded Key hole in my hands, on a stool, under the street light. But it slipped and sank into turmeric.