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Hegliestan tum - tHE uGLIEST mAN

In place of a homestead deep in a gorge in the Australian Outback you will now only find rotted timbers and dust. Once there lived a hardy family of which their presence was suddenly decimated; they were pillars of strength, bearing up in the house against cyclones, winds and drought; nothing but fire and invasion could have driven them out. 3,008 more words

Short Fiction

Fiction - Ibsen’s Job is to Sort the Mail

The return address of 1979 Merewether Road Silvertown on this dead letter is one which might change the enigmatic life of postal worker Ibsen Davenport. The addressed destination is his mum’s. 1,365 more words

Short Fiction

Fiction - Oceanus, Celebrities and the useful Role that is Forging his Happiness

WANTED – HELP BY THE OCCASION.  Strong young man, must be fit and durable and be flexible to work with a busy famous celebrity couple. No experience necessary. 1,280 more words

Short Fiction


Night after night coyotes wear human masks
Mixing into the quiet tangos of frozen bank accounts
Dwarf towers bring garlands of headaches to big-eyed animals… 36 more words


Disappears - Another Thought

• “Another Thought” set to the original music video. Thanks to FACTmagazine.

“Excellent Post-Punk from the USA”

First aired via streaming services in October 2014. From their album “Irreal” (Kranky KRANK-192) released in January 2015. 74 more words


s ta rs

I know who i have chosen now

as my eye in the sky


that other dark, insecure thing

no where near my orbits shall he roam… 152 more words


the students

i understand why some passengers didn’t board the public / tour bus in the night.


when I got on, i could see traces of small, undigested white meat on the stairs. 300 more words