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s ta rs

I know who i have chosen now

as my eye in the sky


that other dark, insecure thing

no where near my orbits shall he roam… 152 more words

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the students

i understand why some passengers didn’t board the public / tour bus in the night.


when I got on, i could see traces of small, undigested white meat on the stairs. 300 more words

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ch 53

on the line: corporate guard dog. caucasian. male. alpha: probably in some light blue collared shirt.haughty brandy kind of fucker. womaniser. protective of trade secrets. 114 more words

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the stigmatas _

before the white tower

there was a life in the grey place

the thirteenth floor

on a level where one can see childhood

here, one lives in nostalgia… 337 more words

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the escape

sound of machine gunfire from the outside, from the audio visual systems in the studio or monitoring room.

the command console is getting badly damaged, like two concrete table slabs colliding head on, surfaces tearing up in the chaos of hot bullets. 258 more words

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Los hoyuelos son deformidades del rostro, las montañas levantamientos de mesetas y tierra firme se eleva a las nubes, los arroyos y sus piedritas son separaciones de grandes ríos y a su vez, éstos, de mares, de océanos; Dios no me da seguridad, y comprobado está que la fe no es algo de lo que me jacte tener. 262 more words

white passage / grey passage

white: the universal code of illuminated bodies – clothed by oracles, makers, sowers – sent out to the day cities

woman as mental voice; instructing, suggestive. 494 more words

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