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Israeli Defense Minister: "This Is Not The Time to Bark, But To Bite" -- "We do not accept any restrictions." -- Syria Warns Israel To Expect "More Surprises"


 FEBRUARY 13, 2018 11:00

“There are no restrictions, we do not accept any restrictions. We acted with determination and responded to every provocation. 945 more words

Lucid dreams II

Not long ago I wrote about Lucid dreams and I shared my experience regarding this subject. Since then I was able to have two more lucid dreams. 802 more words


Lucid dreams

I’ve had them since I was young. At first, when I experienced one, it caught my attention but it didn’t captivate me. Even when I grew older I didn’t pay that much attention to this kind of dreams or to dreams at all. 724 more words


Frieden-unecht oder irreal?

Frieden ist’s, welchen wir uns wünschen
Hoffen, dass er funktioniert
Haben so viel ausprobiert
Wünschen, dass er uns gegeben wird, wünschen
So sehr, dass die Wahrheit uns verborgen bleibt… 116 more words