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America’s Strategic Choices: Challenges Abound

The Gorka Briefing, by Dr. Sebastian Gorka on 9 November 2015:

SecDef Ash recently said that we are going to retool our fight against ISIS. I talk about this on my segment as a member of a panel discussion, “America’s Strategic Choices: Challenges Abound,” presented by… 30 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Conventional vs Irregular War and the Cult of Complexity

May 2, 2015 Webinar: 


I highly recommend watching this 2012 interview of Dr.Sebastian Gorka:


The Daily Caller spoke with Gorka about President Obama’s muddled foreign policy choices, the threat political correctness poses to our national security, the threats to our constitutional order from forces both outside and inside our borders, myths of conventional thinking on national security matters and much more. 124 more words

Counter Jihad Report

War mutates again to create a new strain: "hybrid warfare".

Summary:  For the next chapter in our series about the 4th generation of war we have an essay by Gary Anderson (Colonel, USMC, retired), who draws on his long experience to explain the important role of… 1,772 more words


The thinkers of irregular warfare

I just published a book chapter, in French, entitled ” the thinkers of irregular warfare”. The chapter is part of an edited volume on the thinkers of strategy, which constitutes an update of Paret’s classic work. 261 more words

Olivier Schmitt

China Targets Foreign NGOs To Halt Color Revolutions

The New York Times, with more than a touch of concern, reported that the Chinese government is seriously investigating the activities, funding, personnel, etc. of foreign and foreign-funded Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in China. 399 more words


Adventures in Futility: Syrian Edition

In a lengthy post several years ago, I argued that covert paramilitary action is not a viable policy instrument because of its inability to produce decisive outcomes on its own, the high likelihood of embarrassing failure and damage to U.S. 842 more words


COIN for the Coinless: Portugal in Africa

By the end of next year, America’s 13-year war in Afghanistan will officially come to a close, notwithstanding a smaller residual force that might remain to conduct training and counter-terrorism operations to keep the fledgling Afghan government afloat. 2,471 more words