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i     crave     more

i’m sick of petty thoughts & wants & needs.

i don’t want the typical first job experience.

i don’t want college… 24 more words

What About George Washington?

Black:  “Did you ever get your car fixed?”

White:  “Nah, I found out that it’s going to cost more to fix it than it’s worth.   1,382 more words

Playing Ball

Everyone plays some kind of ball. 

Friendly play. 

Bread and butter play. 

Big play.

Small play.


We play. 

When we play, we need to make sure… 343 more words


In Praise of Baths

“I’m obsessed with baths,” my housemate admitted, explaining how to get our hot tap to run anything other than lukewarm water (seemingly, to gingerly put it on no more than a red-hot trickle is the knack). 360 more words

Phoenix 29.1

2016.  January 2.  Newly 29 years old, and I feel as light as a feather, probably until midyear–when depression starts yapping.  At the moment, I feel I’ve learned so much about myself from 2015.   678 more words


A song I dreamed I was singing

So as I was waking up today I dreamed I was singing this song. It’s country, which is weird because I am not a big fan. 46 more words


Another Brand of Irrelevant Nonsense around Kendrick Johnson

Screw the trolls who report that Kendrick Johnson lived with his grandmother, as if they had ferreted out some kind of shameful secret. One source says it was so he would be in the right area to attend Lowndes High School (which turned out to be not such a great choice). 363 more words