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Branches to Burn

The branches were quite beside themselves. Prayers didn’t get past the ceiling, life seemed so drab and dry. And the weather was continually cool. But at least they’d made that commitment long ago and far away. 698 more words

Know God

More "Spamples"

Back in 2012, I shared some comments from my Spam folder. Some were crafted to sound almost like they were from a real person. Others were hilariously obvious robot comments. 381 more words

Janice C Johnson

Christian Intellectual Irrelevance

The title of the talk and its description:

“Was Jonathan Edwards a Christian Hedonist?”

“Dr. Piper will explore the teaching of the 18th century American revivalist preacher and theologian, Jonathan Edwards, in relationship to the philosophy of Christian life which holds that “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.” 257 more words


May ostracised by European leaders in Tallinn

Theresa May is in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, for a meeting with European leaders. They’ve either not noticed – or are deliberately ignoring her, as one Twitter user noticed: 105 more words

The inexplicable feeling

No, I’m not the depressed kind. Yes, I’m pretty much happy with my life. But then…there are times you know. Times when you see someone else getting nostalgic about their not so good past. 193 more words


title here.

content here.

This is not a test. I am not a writer. But I have thoughts, and occasionally no outlet.

I’m not particularly sure which direction this will go, or its purpose. 23 more words


Cash-shortage isn't all Progress is dying of. It has only 50/2382 young members

The ideas of progress and future tend to go hand in hand with that of youth. Young people are early adopters and will be around longer than the rest of us, by and large, so they’ll see more of the future. 262 more words