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The Challenge of Falling Church Membership

For followers of mainline religion there is a growing dark cloud on the horizon. In most modern Western communities there is a visible decline in support for the Church. 908 more words

Society And Religion

GE 2015: #7: What of the Green Party?

Something has gone awry.

Consider the easy way in which Natalie Bennett declares that the Green Party is against continuing “austerity”.  If green politics is for anything it is for conservation – for, in one sense, austerity.   232 more words

The thing about reality...

If the book says she met a stranger and they talked, either the stranger returns at some later point in the story, or what the stranger says turns out to be something that had to be said. 253 more words



(NaPoWriMo 2015)

meaning, founded in our breaths,

is bound by our charity.

irrelevance, forged in our words,

is consequent to our unkindness.

© ramon loyola 2015

NaPoWriMo (17 April 2015)

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Blind Bindings

When did our leaders

lose concern for others and

turn the focus on themselves?


Mighty myopic,

are they not? They can’t see past

their fear, to clearer futures.


Birdversations (tweets) Episode 1: Chip-gate


Hello there

Oh hello mister.

Had a tolerable morning have you?

Not too shabby, thanks for asking. 168 more words


The Age of Irrelevance

Sometime in the past few years I discovered that I’ve become irrelevant. I remember precisely how it happened, though not exactly when.

I was reading a magazine. 255 more words