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1/16/17 The Stampede of Irrelevance

Watching so many old westerns on YouTube, Amazon, and my daughter’s NetFlix, I have begun to think and dream in Western Technicolor, or black and white, as the case may be. 2,659 more words

What Is the Point?

That is the question.

What does WTWWTT stand for anyway?


A Time Travel Enthusiast Speaks for England


Dear friends and countrymen,
But not Romans, nor Poles, nor Serbs,
We wish to advise you that
We are turning back the clock.

Consider, if you will, time. 333 more words


Corporate Politics

Election years aren’t the only politics out there. Corporate politics are an interesting sort of game. While oft-maligned, they are in many ways ingrained in everything that gets done in a large corporation. 323 more words

The relevance of irrelevance

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“WHY are you so random?” I confess. It’s a question I get asked with alarming regularity. Maybe it’s because I have a penchant for seemingly irrelevant bits of information, but not the kind you’ll ever have any use for. 538 more words

Money Matters

What Happens To The Reagan/Constitutional Conservative Movement Now?


Refusing to embrace Trump is said will relegate Principled Conservatives to a political wilderness of irrelevance.  What happens to Conservatives without a home?  Does it even have a future? 2,176 more words


A Case for Change

As a frequent blog reader and online content curator, I am fascinated by the idea of synchronicity in reading.   One interesting example of this happened last week when I read a new blog post by… 283 more words

Leadership Perspective