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People Don't Really Get Impermanence

Impermanence is ironically here to stay. It is, if you like, a constant. There are of course time scales, relatively speaking a mountain is more permanent than a human, yet that too is impermanent. 525 more words


Separate out the issues

Do you remember the delicate touch you employed in order to play Pick up Stix? Dumping them all out on a table produced a challenging mess. 469 more words


Trotting out the Credential

Sometimes when a person has no solid argument to back his viewpoint, he’ll invoke his status as member of a privileged elite.  Such credentials might be based on education or experience or one’s lofty position in an organization. 317 more words


First of Ten and Seven of Nine

God. The idea of montheistic religions is defined by that one deity existing and having created pretty much everything. He (as I have come to notice, that everything supposedly credited to or coming from this being or idea has a rather male point of view) therefore reserves the right to tell us, how to live and what to do and believe. 357 more words


The Edington to Ealing Guide to Cars in London

Having lived in London for a few months now I have noticed that there are very distinct styles of cars that seem to inhabit the roads and streets around the capital! 2,005 more words

London Life

Jennifer Sharpe / Odilonvert: Tipped into Irrelevance

You drew me to you.

Then you threw me to the side.

I feel that if you never came back

In fact, don’t come back… 10 more words