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Vent #4

Just because you put ‘author’ in your Instagram info section, doesn’t mean you actually are an author.

There’s so much more to this art and craft than simply making quick video clips, Google blogging about how much you hate your parents, and making YouTube videos about your mediocre life. 922 more words


Are dog owners irresponsible? #tangygiggles


Like men stood rigid in discos, women scrutinize and laugh behind their demure front. ┬áMaybe its a chortle or maybe a rib rocker, but without laughter we’d all be at everyone’s throats. 155 more words

Lost your USB? Go find it in the lab!

By Natalia Herrera, 6th grade

There have been too many issues with USBs being lost in the lab for the past few years. When you go to the lab after school to complete a group project, you don’t have a thought in your mind of your USB being lost, right? 113 more words

On My Mind: Keeping Busy

I’m back Deviants after a brief day long hiatus and am here to keep the thoughts rolling with another cut of what’s On My Mind. 274 more words



So much hate to moms who goes out of their way for their own leisure, who does not think of their children as long as they can have the life they want, who spend so much on them selves while limits their children for its needs esp wants, who eats delicious food outside while their children is starving at home, who looks so good on the mirror while their children looks like a homeless beggar who does not have parents, like HOW COULD YOU!? 211 more words