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British bloke means to attach his CV with job application... but sends his Xmas list instead

A MAN was seriously shamed on Twitter by a prospective employer when he accidentally attached his Christmas list to a job application, instead of his CV. 174 more words


Duty? Self-Discipline? Learn to Do the Next Right Thing

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, November 14, 2015

Duty? Self-Discipline? Learn to Do the Next Right Thing

Today’s reading opens with a quote from one of my favorite authors: Mark Twain. 373 more words

An Irresponsible Act

“This is gonna be the best day of my life…” Alex hummed along to the lyrics of his favourite song by the American Authors. As the music blared loudly from his hand phone, he swayed his head, snapped his fingers and tapped his feet to the rhythm of the song. 295 more words

Ted Cruz the Anti-Robin Hood Candidate: Take from the Poor, Give to the Rich

Like Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz says what he thinks people want to hear, instead of what makes sense.

Megyn Kelly posed difficult questions to Ted Cruz regarding future debates and about his tax plan of a flat tax.   416 more words

To be irresponsible

For someone who has been sincere
all their life,
it is a big trouble
to not do something
and be irresponsible.
It strikes heavily on your conscious… 34 more words


Ugh. 'Gun owner' guilt and P-series lobotomy

Saw this the other day and it’s inspiration to buy two more(or more) guns:

First, this was his weapon to do with what he wants(providing he didn’t try to murder or rob anyone with it), including disposal.  413 more words

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