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It´s Never a Smooth Sail

No matter how smoothly you sail in life at times, some things are bound to happen.

Adulthood comes with certain responsibilities and I might have overlooked some things which caused some things to go wrong now. 251 more words


being broke(n)

I believe there is $43 dollars in my checking and savings combined, yet I ate out 3 times yesterday. Thats right, 3! Hit up a coffee shop for bfast, ordered some mac n’ cheese off grub hub and went to a bar after a long night of studying and indulged in a beer and some truffle fries. 382 more words

Episode 629: In Many Somber Colors

“Again, fate took a hand in the form of a woman.”

Have you ever tried to describe a childhood toy to someone, and realized halfway through that time is real, and mortality is real, and you have become super mega tragically old?

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Gordon Russell

On the Fly

Alright, everyone, we’re facing one of those mornings when not even the tee-tiniest of a kernel of a good blogging idea can be found.

If I was a terribly responsible blogger, I would make a list of subjects to prattle on about on days such as these. 94 more words


Proof that I'm not ready to turn 20

Due to popular demand from my fans (by “popular demand” I mean “intensive whining”, and by “my fans”, I mean my sister), I decided to post something a little more “funny” or “light-hearted”… This is much easier to do when you’re alone and bored in a flat, than on holiday with your ever-entertaining family ❤️ 769 more words

My Life

Episode 623: This Is Happening

“All we know is, she was hanged. But whether she died or not is something everyone in Collinsport is still wondering about.”

Gosh. So much to cover, and I can’t explain any of it.

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Gordon Russell

I am sure I am not the only girl in this situation. As a young couple who live together we are constantly ear bashed with the same questions. 281 more words