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It Rocks-To Head To Ballot Box (133)

When you don’t go-

You become an irresponsible no show.



Nicholas Kristof: A Millennial Named Bush

New York Times — THE time-honored way to speak of young people is with horror. They’re wild, reckless, irresponsible, narcissistic, immoral and hopeless — and always have been. 92 more words


Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down

Sometimes I think I got my spiritual day figured out. I praise God for the day, then I tell myself that I won’t sin or fall into temptation. 414 more words


How did the Investment Bankers in America lead the world to a Global Economic Crisis in 2008

In September 2008,the bankruptcy of the U.S. Investment bank Lehman Brothers and the collapse of the world’s largest insurance company, AIG, triggered a global crisis. Fears gripped markets overnight as stocks fell down instantaneously; it led to one of the biggest economic crises in the world which in turn affected the middle class and the lower class tremendously, as far as people committing suicides due to unemployment. 2,044 more words


I Haven't

I haven’t made my bed yet.

I haven’t done my laundry.

I haven’t swept the floor for a month.

I haven’t cleaned my locker.

I haven’t written the letter explaining why I don’t want to leave even though it’s only inevitable. 224 more words

Tiny Truths


The worst kind of lovers are the ones who are numb to the love they create.  They’re the ones who cause the most damage, the ignorant lovers.   124 more words


The Biblical Counseling Movement is For Psychology

Written on April 29,2015

By Erin Nickelson

I have read within a psychological publication that the biblical counseling movement is against psychology. I have done a lot to expose doctrinal errors in this movement and this time I am going to defend them. 561 more words