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Information Management over time.

Few architects have incorporated time as a tool for design.  Time is an architectural strategy yet to be developed. Time itself involves taking on irreversibility and therefore its intrinsic indetermination. 160 more words

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Arrow of Time Explained? Emergence = Intelligence = Entropy = Hypercomputation

From an earlier post: “Today, I viewed a recording from FQXi 2014 where Scott Aaronson from MIT talks about the Physical Church-Turing Thesis. He brought up irreversibility. 277 more words


Contact model: local stochastic dynamics

Contact model (also called contact process). Here aer shown the local stochastic dynamics. The site that is updating is the central site. The first three process are infection process wich are auto catalytic.   116 more words

Stochstic Dynamics

Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) model on a lattice

Definition of SIR stochastic lattice model.

Slide presentede at ENFE – 2015, Brazil. by Tânia Tomé.

More details about this model can be seen at: 18 more words

Biological Motived Problems

Critical behavior of the SIR epidemic stochastic lattice model and percolation models

UP versus c for the Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) stochastic lattice model defined on a square lattice. U is the ratio bwteen the saquered mean number of recovered individuals and square of the mean number of recovered individuals. 135 more words

Biological Motived Problems

Stochastic IRREVERSIBLE lattice model with up-down symmetry

The figure shows the order parameter m versus the control para meter for different lattice sizes. We consider regular square lattices with LXL+n sites. The larger value of L correspond to the last curve (which has a better approches to zero when q is near its critical value (~0.075). 141 more words


Irreversible process

Irreversible process:
It is the process in which heat is transferred through a finite temperature. It is also known as spontaneous process because its processes take place at very fast rate. 85 more words