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How We Know High Capacity Well Pumping is Drying Central Wisconsin Lakes, Streams, and Wetlands

George J. Kraft
UW-Extension and UW-Stevens Point
January 4, 2017

A half-century of scientific work has predicted or observed that high capacity well pumping in the Wisconsin Central Sands lowers water levels in the aquifer, lakes, and wetlands as well as the flows of streams.  1,163 more words


The Subsoil Watering Wand - Fertigation and Aeration in One Action?

Wiser Watering

Results now or your money back!

I’ve often wondered how well fertigating plants simply by mixing soil and water well regularly would perform…

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Enterprise Information Management System

EIMS, as name said it’s kind of management system which is very popular in now a days especially in government public departments. It’s a very good move from government that they are trying to digitization of government paper processes. 364 more words


Irrigation Education - Clear as Mud!

Ever had that experience that just when you think you have it all figured out…you find out your clueless.

We’ll that’s me and irrigation.  I had done a bunch of calculations and figured out how to use soaker hoses as our irrigation method because I don’t want to water my plants, I want to water my soil. 275 more words

Homestead Wish List

That homestead “wish list” I mentioned in Sustainable Growth and Homestead Goal Setting isn’t exactly in list format.  I keep journals all year long and make random notes about things I think we need to do at some point.   866 more words

Irritation - Public Notice

Over the past couple years we have all seen the problems that have arose from this irrigation system.  One of those problems that has repeatedly occurred, are dead end sections of the irrigation lines that are not thrust blocked. 207 more words