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Another Top Democrat Defies Federal Law to Target Opponents

This is from Constitution.com. 

The DemocRats think that laws do not apply to them.

This is why we need Ted Cruz as president as he appoint judges that will follow the Constitution and enforce the law. 663 more words

The IRS And VA Have Learned Nothing (Or Don't Want To, Apparently) *Open Thread*

I am going to be out and about a good bit today with not one, but two, doctors’ appointments (okay, one PA appointment for my shoulders, at long last, because trying to see the doctor would take even longer, and a re-check on my wrists). 901 more words

Judge Jeanine on IRS

If there’s going to be any chance of high-ranking officials being penalized in the myriad Administration scandals, it’s going to require dogged, relentless pounding by influential people in the media.   27 more words

Impeaching the IRS Chief - why it's a good idea

After reports revealed that the IRS had been targeting conservative groups with additional scrutiny, conservatives were outraged while even President Obama claimed that the criticism was overblown.  457 more words

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