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Judge Jeanine on IRS

If there’s going to be any chance of high-ranking officials being penalized in the myriad Administration scandals, it’s going to require dogged, relentless pounding by influential people in the media.   27 more words

Impeaching the IRS Chief - why it's a good idea

After reports revealed that the IRS had been targeting conservative groups with additional scrutiny, conservatives were outraged while even President Obama claimed that the criticism was overblown.  457 more words

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More evidence that the fix is in

By Tom Quiner

The Obama Justice Department is letting the IRS off the hook for targeting conservative groups in the run-up to the 2012 election: 227 more words


More "It Just Doesn't Matter"

Missing E-mails?  Crashed hard drives?  Thwarted investigation into tyrannical policies that hurt Americans? Corruption Gets a Pass? Criminals get released?  SOP in Obama’s Amerika.

This is what it is like living under a corrupt dictatorship.   1,193 more words

Obama Marxist Tyranny

The Department of Justice will not file charges against Lois Lerner for IRS targeting scandal

 Today the Department of Injustice announced it would not be pressing charges against Lois Lerner, or any other IRS official for that matter, in the IRS Tea Party targeting scandal despite the fact she admitted to “inappropriately” targeting conservative groups. 153 more words



“On Monday, the Obama White House praised Iran for cooperating with international inspectors–as Iran inspected its own military facility for evidence of nuclear activity.” (

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