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IRS’s Lois Lerner Not Investigated, Prosecuted by Trump’s AG +Video

Guest Contributor John Rolls

President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice has no plans to charge former IRS official Lois Lerner over her role in the Tea Party targeting scandal, the Attorney General’s office said late Friday in response to calls by Republican lawmakers to conduct a full criminal investigation of Lerner’s suspicious activities at the powerful Internal Revenue Service. 930 more words


Democrat Successes

Over the past few years Democrats have successfully addressed numerous grave social injustices that have plagued our nation from the outset. Against all odds, they have succeeded in providing much-needed access to women’s restrooms for transgender men, pedophiles and other males, who for far too long have been denied the opportunity to sneak a peek. 59 more words

Why Are Trump’s Justice Department Appointees Protecting the IRS?

Various media sources have reported that federal District Court Judge Reggie Walton has ordered the IRS to finally respond to various legal requests for information and documents made by the conservative tea party organizations that sued the agency. 1,014 more words


It Wasn't Russia

They lost the ability to reason long before 2017.
If they could reason Obama never would have been in the White House – 80% of the democrats I know voted for Obama solely based on the color of his skin (but that’s not racist)

Pastor Ward Clinton

A Grand Canyon-Sized Divide Between Democrats and Christians

A Grand Canyon-Sized Divide Between Democrats and Christians
By Louis DeBroux

Eight weeks after progressive Democrats’ world was rocked by the Earth-shattering, this-can-NOT-be-happening realization that tens of millions of “deplorable” Americans had turned out to vote for Donald Trump, thereby depriving Her Royal Lie-ness, Hillary Clinton, of the presidency, they are still dredging the depths of the political ocean for answers as to why they lost. 996 more words