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Democrat Election Fraud

Standard Operating Procedure for the Democrats.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Democrat Party is Antichristian

It is a proven fact Christians can no longer be Democrats and support their agenda. All that has to be done is compare the Democrat political platform with the Bible and you will know that is a fact. 19 more words

Fascist Obama

The evidence is overwhelming. Either Mr. Obama is completely sympathetic to the Islamofascist cause, or he is so addled by political correctness he is willing to accept slaughter for his warped and sacrificial ideology. 26 more words

House Oversight Committee votes to censure IRS chief John Koskinen

 In an effort to make it look as though it is doing something about the IRS targeting scandal the House Oversight Committee voted to censure IRS chief John Koskinen. 202 more words


Appeals court rebukes the IRS and the Justice Department over targeting scandal

It has been a looooong time since we have had an update on the IRS’s targeting scandal but, according to this story, a Federal appeals court has rebuked both the IRS for the scandal and the Injustice Department for not acting in good faith during the investigation. 271 more words


Will He or Won't He Indict Hillary?

Evidence of Hillary Clinton’s trampling of the laws and of her oath as Secretary of State is becoming a mile high, and on at least two fronts — the failure to safeguard top secret information, and corruption of the State Department via the Clinton Foundation — it increasingly appears as though there is enough of it to secure an indictment of Hillary Clinton. 388 more words

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