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Five Reasons Why Bitcoin-is Here-to Stay???

I am amazed at the hype put out by some the allegedly reputable news sites. COINTELEGRAPH for one. This came out recently…

“It is possible to make a relatively accurate prediction about the future of Bitcoin by analyzing five factors successfully used by technology adoption experts for decades.” 1,443 more words


Don't Get Scammed By 'the IRS' [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, I received a voice mail message that I needed to contact the IRS immediately or else I was going to be arrested. 342 more words

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IRS Fails to Notify Americans Whose Social Security Numbers Are Used by Illegal Aliens

June 24, 2017  by  Warren Mass

A report issued on June 22 by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) stated that IRS processes are not sufficient to identify all employment identity theft victims. 1,033 more words

Erik Paulsen Fails Yet Again To Push For Trump’s Taxes

Wednesday marked the tenth time that the House has voted on resolutions requesting President Trump’s tax returns. And for Rep. Erik Paulsen, it marked yet another missed opportunity to stand up for government transparency. 710 more words

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FBAR: getting into compliance

If you are in the “fortunate” or “unfortunate” position of having foreign money or specified foreign assets that should have been reported to the U.S. government, but which you have not reported —  then you are in a bit of a dilemma, which you will need to resolve before it is too late, especially since the… 1,061 more words