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Independent Contractors vs. Employees what's the difference?

Dear M & M: I am unclear as to whether I am classifying my workers as independent contractors or as an employee?-Bill

Dear Bill: If you’re small business uses both employees and independent contractors you may think there are few differences between them – they do the same work, have similar goals and you pay them both for their contributions. 732 more words

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The IRS vs. the KKK

By Sam Brunson

My family’s summer vacation has already given me two posts (here and here), and it still promises a couple more, including this one. 397 more words

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Liens

What is a tax lien?
A lien is a form of interest granted on properties to ensure that debt associated with the property is repaid. When the debt associated with a property is tax-related, the lien is then called a tax lien. 283 more words

Money Mondays: Why You Could Be Underpaying Your Taxes

Why do we need to talk about taxes right now? 

I know that taxes are a favorite topic to avoid, but as the saying goes, nothing is certain but death and taxes. 698 more words

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Key Benefits of Choosing a Professional American Tax Consultant

Most of the tax payers try to do all their taxation works on their own. If you don’t file your returns properly, you may end up paying penalties along with all your due taxes. 278 more words

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