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Why Is It So Weird To Move?

I recently filed my tax returns for 2015 because I’m irresponsible and don’t like to be bothered. I filed these along with my 2016 returns, and for the first time, mailed them in instead of e-filing because I had them prepared by my fiance’s coworker since this time I had some student loan stuff and different addresses and I didn’t think I’d do them right myself. 999 more words


Facing Off With IRS Auditor

The third season of the TV version of Fargo has been very amusing.  This scene from a recent episode, where a cash bank withdrawal of a tiny bit over $10,000 brings in a pushy IRS auditor, is funny in the way that the villain’s henchman handles the auditor. 72 more words


ITEM #6 – IRS announces business vehicle deduction limits for 2017

The IRS has published depreciation limits for business vehicles first placed in service this year. These limits remain largely unchanged from 2016 limits. Because 50% bonus depreciation is allowed only for new vehicles, these limits are different for new and used vehicles. 86 more words


Territorial Tax System & Border Adjustment Tax

Among his campaign promises, the president wants to:

  • Protect and Make America Great!
  • Create jobs in the USA
    • Incentivize US companies to produce in the US…
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'Pretty Little Liars' cast reveals the series finale line that made them all cry

A version of this story appears in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday and available here. Don’t forget to subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. 287 more words


What IRS really needs...

…is not  more money,  but to have its upper management levels summarily dismissed,  be forced to eliminate the wasteful conferences and team-building exercises and  party gifts.   43 more words


Ajang balap adalah bicara soal kecepatan, yaitu kecepatan untuk mengitari sebuah sirkuit. Artinya dalam sebuah ajang balap harus didukung oleh dua faktor, yaitu kecepatan motor dan penguasaan sirkuit oleh sang pembalap. 252 more words