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The Making of TERMINALIA

From Collin McConnell:

Terminalia came about thanks to Lisa Anderson and the great team at Stable Cable Lab Co. A year ago, I reached out to Lisa — I had been accepted to the New School for Playwriting, but took a year deferment for a scholarship, and I was terrified of feeling like I was just going to spend the year waiting.

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Indie Theater Now

Pengajuan SPP-IRT di Kota Tangerang

Pengajuan SPP-IRT Kota Tangerang

Pengajuan SPP-IRT untuk daerah kota Tangerang diajukan ke bagian Badan Pelayanan Penanaman Modal dan Perizinan Terpadu Satu Pintu (BPPMPTSP) Kota Tangerang dibagian Pemerintahan Kesejahteraan Rakyat (Kesra). 634 more words


My first night in New York

I arrived at JFK airports in New York City on April 10th, 1984.  I took the subway from the airport – read express A train to Manhattan –  but when it came time to change trains I discovered that the uptown IRT was out of service.   347 more words


Izin Pangan Industri Rumah Tangga (P-IRT)

Definisi SPP-IRT

SPP-IRT merupakan singkatan dari Sertifikat Produksi Pangan Industri Rumah Tangga. SPP-IRT merupakan jaminan tertulis yang diberikan oleh Bupati/Walikota terhadap pangan yang diproduksi oleh Industri Rumah Tangga Pangan (IRTP) diwilayah kerjanya yang telah memenuhi persyaratan pemberian SPP-IRT dalam rangka peredaran pangan produksi IRTP. 727 more words


What Information Theory Tell Us About e-Discovery and the Projected 'Information → Knowledge → Wisdom' Transition

This is an article on Information Theory, the Law, e-Discovery, Search and the evolution of our computer technology culture from Information → Knowledge → Wisdom. The article as usual assumes familiarity with writings on AI and the Law, especially… 3,369 more words


Episode 7 of The Good Life: Dragon Boat Paddling, Mature Make Up, In-home Monitoring, Anzac Day and fruit cake!

Episode 7 of The Good Life YouTube Channel for over 55s is now available to view!

It’s an action-packed episode this month as Pete gets an introduction to… 84 more words

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