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TRAINSPOTTING. I actually read the book (by Irvine Welsh) a few months ago, but it has really stuck with me, which is a sure sign that I need to write about it. 1,048 more words

Confessions Of A Librarian

Trainspotting újra: az edinburghi narkós srácok visszatérése

A Trainspottingot sokan legemlékezetesebb filmélményeik között tartják számon és nem is ok nélkül: a heroinista fiatalok tengődése olyan egyedi filmnyelven van közvetítve, amelynek köszönhetően a 90-es évek egyik alkotása mára kultikussá nőtte ki magát. 922 more words


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I guess if I’m going to do these, I need to do them more frequently, because this is going to be super long. Here’s all the stuff I’ve read over the past couple of months, if anyone is interested! 4,687 more words


Filth by Irvine Welsh - 08/10/13


Suitable only for persons of strong constitution.

Drug use
Law Enforcement

And a tapeworm


This book was chosen by Wendy as she enjoyed the film Trainspotting, and with the film of the book coming out she had never read anything by the author. 124 more words

Book Review

What am I, a clown ? ( novel excerpt, first draft )

“Ok” he says, ” see you there at 6″ and hangs upI just have the afternoon to survive. Four more hours and perhaps forty more calls. 823 more words

Filth (2014)

A bent copper with a drug habit competes with his fellow detectives for a promotion whilst trying to solve the case of a Japanese tourist murdered in an Edinburgh underpass. 121 more words