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T2 Trainspotting Soundtrack (2017)

It’s been a little over two decades since Danny Boyle achieved the impossible and created the closest thing to a perfect adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s debut novel  321 more words


T2 Trainspotting e a (louca) ideia de envelhecer

Já faz uma semana que assisti T2 Trainspotting e acho que ainda não superei o fim cinematográfico definitivo de Mark, Spud, Sick Boy e Begbie (ler com sotaque escocês). 546 more words


Trainspotting 2: Touring My Own Youth

Trainspotting came out the year I graduated high school and I would have had my 20th reunion last year had there been one. So I know without checking that it’s been almost 21 years since my friend snuck me into the movie theater she worked in and I saw what was to become one of my top 5 movies of all time. 996 more words


T2 Trainspotting: A Sequel Done Right

*Spoiler free for T2 Trainspotting, but if you haven’t seen the original (you seriously need to watch it), this may contain spoilers for that.

When this long-awaited sequel was first announced, I, like many people, was filled with scepticism. 888 more words


Stop bop

Thoughts churring, whirring, lines of text unspooling

that god damn Irvine Welsh story stuck

again in my head when will it come right

no one cares about a Sydney goth take on… 378 more words


Lust for strife: T2 (no, not that one) and the ‘N’ word (no, not that one)

Nostalgic is a loaded word, and it has been lobbed frequently and recklessly at T2: Trainspotting, the divisive follow-up to the 1996 art-house phenom that struck like a cinematic Molotov cocktail and seared its images in the brain, regardless of whether or not you wanted Blur’s “Sing” to trigger thoughts of a dead baby every time you hear it for the rest of your life. 662 more words


T2 Trainspotting—Living With but Not in Your Past

T2 Trainspotting, based on the novel of the same name and the sequel, Glue, was released last week. I was so obscenely excited that I started to question why. 659 more words