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The Band Behind The Jams - Peter Pardini Chronicles Chicago

Forming in 1967, the band Chicago has never stopped touring, becoming the top selling band of the ‘70s and eventually the second highest-selling American band of all time. 425 more words

Sarasota Film Festival

Don Henley: Eagles "Probably" Grounded Forever

Don Henley may have let the future of the Eagles slip out in a recent interview on England’s BBC Radio 2. He was promoting his July 3rd opening slot for Carole King’s performance in London’s Hyde park when he was asked about the Eagles performance at the Grammys. 145 more words


Gotta Keep Your Blimp Hand Strong

“Irving, stop calling me.”

“Bob, your close-mindedness is kind of off-putting. I’m just gonna say it. Off-putting.”

“It’s a blimp. Be fun to have one over the baseball stadiums like at Soldier Field. 420 more words

Sailing Down The River In An Old Canoe

“I don’t even know what that is, Irving.”

“River cruiser.”

“It looks like a floating Motel 6.”

“There’s a jacuzzi! Bobby, I don’t understand: the Dead was known for experimentation.” 205 more words

Jam Cruise

“Irving, I don’t even know what we’re talking about anymore.”

“No traffic in the water, Bobby. Plus, think of the publicity. ‘Dead & Company is Truckin’ on the High Seas!’ That’ll sell tickets.” 107 more words

You Won't Even Feel The Blades

“Are we still doing this?”

“Bob, you don’t understand: not only is this how Dead & Company travel on the tour, but it’s also my gift to you.” 96 more words

Prop Bet

“Irving, no.”

“What? Great plane! This is the plane you want, trust me.”

“It looks like a prop from an Indiana Jones movie.”

“Yeah, right: funky and shaggy, just like the Dead.” 211 more words