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The Cost of Dedication

“Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life.”
― Irving Stone

Becoming a spiritual person who is ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is not an easy undertaking. 102 more words


WCPL Librarians Meet Author Irving Stone in 1968

I found this photo of one of our library scrapbooks.  Library director Nancy Gray and librarian Faye Howell were attending the 86th annual American  Library Association Conference in San Francisco in June, 1968 when they got a photo of them with the popular (at least in the 1960’s) historical fiction author, Irving Stone.  100 more words

3 for Fact and 3 for Fiction: Some of my favorite books

I’ve changed my site identity to reflect my expanding interest, writing historical fiction inspired by family history. Since I’m in the process of negotiating a contract for my first book and finishing the draft on my second, I thought it was time. 586 more words


Hagiography: an error to avoid

  • When writing about one’s family or someone you know, it is tempting to omit the faults, sins, or whatever you consider improper behavior. The result is hagiography, originally a writing of the life of a Saint.
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Daily Diversion #302: The Origin

This Irving Stone novel was the third  (and final) book that I bought whilst in Texas:



Above the faux fireplace in our living room, in the house I grew up in, hangs a large reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s, ‘Wheatfield with crows’. 356 more words

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That.

Lust For Life: A Monument Dedicated to Futility of Genius

While the men of letters have duly recorded the travails of many a genius with panache, it takes an in-depth knowledge of the human mind, an impartial assessment of emotions and clarity of vision insofar as what the subject under scrutiny aspired for, to empathise with the protagonist and sit in judgement of his actions, and finally pronounce the verdict in a narrative, pregnant with a genuine urge to record for the posterity the vicissitudes that transformed a mere man into someone great. 1,100 more words

Book Review