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Haiku, Pynchon Redux

“Ambitious without – being pretentious, ‘The Nix’: – the new masterpiece”

Denial the movie and how the jewish community refuses any scientific research to find out the rests of the 6 million dead. Because there aren't.



John Smithwick4 days ago

The international community should have no problem allowing a scientific audit of the holocaust, starting with the hypothetical burial grounds which we can’t unearth (to look for bone fragments) due to Jewish religious objections (we can’t “disturb the dead” – how convenient). 896 more words



Would my life be any better if I could change the past?  Irving, my cross-eyed amoeba spirit guide, said, “No.”

“It is not the past, present or any outside circumstances that are your problems,” said Irving.  129 more words

Adamania: Batman Stands Pat - Batman Season 1 Episode 14

Having escaped the Mad Hatter’s deadly trap, Batman and Robin must now track the Hatter down and stop him before he can complete his evil scheme.


Mark Collins - Irving Halifax Has Lead Evaluating RCN Canadian Surface Combatant Design/Weapons Systems Bids

Further to these posts, RCN Canadian Surface Combatant: Exorcising the Curse of Irving RCN Canadian Surface Combatant Woes: Not Enough Dough Canadian Surface Combatant Procurement Process Re-Float:… 16 more words

Canadian Politics

Liberal government’s Irving tax break

Stephen McNeil is no fan of reducing taxes. Heck, he infamously cut rebates to new graduates and the screen industry. But somehow he did find it in his heart to use his majority government to allow one significant tax break… to Irving. 169 more words

Nova Scotia Politics

Axiom Inc - TX: It's Conference Time!

Three times a year, our client broker hosts industry wide conferences, aimed at uniting thousands of marketing and sales professionals together for learning, networking and recognition purposes.  539 more words