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Heavy Metal

The steel in your eyes,
sharp as a Japanese blade,
captures my thoughts
in its mirror.

Wielding your words
as a hefty sword
you slice through… 39 more words


Merry Christmas

They don’t tell you about
the dark and drizzly dawn,
or the slippery grey slush
should it ever really snow at this time of year. 235 more words


Work in Progress

Apply yourself to life
as oil to canvas
Imperfect but redeemable


Rage in old age

It always starts here
with a wrong word
that makes your skin prickle
and your hackles rise.
It was a thoughtless aside,
beneath the breath… 173 more words



You came to me
under a lilac sky
and said goodbye.

Autumn music,
howling through the grasses,
dizzied the leaves.

And the rain came
its wintry tears stinging
my solitude.



A blank sheet of paper.
That challenging white expanse.
Do I fill it with gentle words of love,
spit angry tirades onto the page,
or etch sadness into its pulp? 74 more words