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Is it Worth it?

Here’s the ugly reality, we give our activity waaayyyy too much credit – darn it!  A lot of us start an activity routine to help with losing weight, but tend to get frustrated and give up within a very short time.  207 more words

On The Move

FIFA World Cup Bootleg Console - Is It Worth It? EP05

While more of a player than a couch potato in sports. When it comes to video games that’s completely different as we find out if the FIFA World Cup Bootleg Console is worth sitting at home to play. 107 more words


Is It Worth It (1) - Costco Membership

Costco Membership

Let me preface this by saying I grew up in such a way that I viewed having a Costco membership as a mark of privilege and “higher society”. 613 more words

Raw Parenting

🏊Read the Signs

Does one jump into a body of water knowing that there is a riptide? Does one jump in the water when it has been established there are sharks in it? 127 more words

This is how it works

So really, this is how it works. I start a new job then the other offers follow. If you’ve read the other posts, you’d know that I hope for the receptionist one. 331 more words

Does Illumask Actually Works and Helps with Your Acme??

Hi beauties!! So I am currently doing some Friday night homework as well as having a spa clay mask on my face, and I had this curious wonder about a particular product called Illumask (hope I spelled it correctly 😬). 299 more words

Is it really worth it?

There are so many things we do every day that in the long run are not worth it. And by worth it I mean to get upset, mad, angry, mean! 633 more words

Food For Thought