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Is It Worth It? IMAX

I have been lucky (read: obsessed) enough to have seen Interstellar in four formats: at the cinema (twice), IMAX, on Blu-ray and a special screening in the Royal Albert Hall featuring a live playing of the score, and a talk from the filmmakers. 616 more words


Too many girls 

I could repeat myself always. The result is always the same.

The problem he has is that he likes girls too much. Beautiful girls. All girls. 192 more words

Few Of My Thoughts


One fears when things aren’t working,

That one does over much jerking….

Getting stiff for a cause

With no more what was,

Can she get in on your workings? 53 more words

We are doing college right. Hating every second of it.

They all said it would be fun. The best time of your life.  But you got here and it wasn’t.  Actually you kind of hate it. 290 more words


Do I love or do I hate No Man's Sky?

This is the question I have been asking myself for the last week, and it is still a struggle to think of an answer for. It seems that a vast number of gamers cannot seem to make their mind up on whether  1,273 more words

What I Am Playing

The Price of Love - A Story of Time, Money and Effort

Today started as most Saturday’s do for me. I went into town with a friend. We ate at my favorite food stand where I can get six tacos and a fresh juice for two dollars; that’s what it means to live life on a budget, can I get an amen?!  1,395 more words


The psychology of self-motivation

You don’t need anyone to motivate you. You can motivate yourself. When I think of boundaries, I think of rules, regulations, and restrictions. And there are the parents, the teachers and the others, who hold us accountable with regard to those boundaries. 391 more words