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Zombifyin' game is cute!!

You heard it right!! I just found a game titled “i saw her standing there” which is basically a zombie flash game but it has one of the best love stories embedded!! 142 more words


Saturday Verse: Atrophied Imagination

Thinking of making this a new weekly thing.  Just posting an old or new poem every Saturday since the goal posts get very little on this day.  211 more words


Gabbar is BACK !!! -- I'am Dazzled!!

So, I decided to kick this section to a great start by reviewing a latest flick!! That’s by no doubt, Gabbar is Back!! So, let’s take it one at a time. 240 more words


Hail the Worth-O-Meter !!

So, the wait is over!! The Legendary Worth-O-Meter has agreed to lend us their presence!! So, without any more suspense, let me uncover !!



Is it Worth it??

Hello Guyz….I just made this new section and believe me it would be filled with good-stuffs. Maybe, the reason why my website-type thing would get high traffic. 83 more words


Then it doesn't matter

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One thing I have realised is that everyone has problems and issues. That sentence makes you want to roll your eyes, I know. 422 more words

Is it Worth it?

Here’s the ugly reality, we give our activity waaayyyy too much credit – darn it!  A lot of us start an activity routine to help with losing weight, but tend to get frustrated and give up within a very short time.  207 more words

On The Move