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Next Apple iPhone to Unveil in August?

It seemed like just yesterday everyone was preordering Apple’s flagship iPhone 6/6 Plus devices when it first launched in September of last year. Now new reports are claiming that the company will be announcing their next iPhone in August of this year, which is only 2 or so months away. 74 more words

Legally Blonde (2001)

Temperature: Tempered

At the turn of the century women need a role model to help them identify themselves as progressive women that could change the world in this new millennium, but why bother if you can send a dumb blond to Harvard law school and put her in a series of insufferable circumstances only to tell girls that the only thing that matter is to follow your hard and believe that good looks and fashion can help you achieve great things in life. 468 more words


Helping more into work is the best approach to reducing welfare reliance

Helping more into work is the best approach to reducing welfare reliance

Employment services peak bodies, Jobs Australia and Disability Employment Australia, have encouraged the Government to look at helping more people into work to reduce welfare reliance, rather than tighten eligibility or reduce payment rates. 364 more words

Black Mirror: White Christmas

I realise I am coming to this very late with a sort of review of the Christmas special, but Charlie Brooker’s weird “mind f*ck” series, of which there have been two seasons of three episodes each, led into what was one of the best pieces of television of Christmas 2014. 1,003 more words

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Entertainment News is The Source of Entertainment

Entertainment News is The Source of Entertainment –  Eventually, entertainment news has been considered because the entertainment source for the people as they can explore of whole… 261 more words


If you can’t answer yes, when asked, “Would you die for it?”, then you should probably let it roll towards the past and stay there

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