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Best semester ever

Like most people (and Hallmark) I think of time in segments of five years. Over the weekend I realized that 25 years ago, I was a senior in my final semester of college. 754 more words

Rewatching movies like Groundhog Day

One of my joys of being a father has been the ability to share movies with my son. He turns 14 this month and I have engaged in formal film education. 450 more words

What makes a "Genius"?

So by now there unless you have completely avoided social media or even mainstream media in the past week, it is impossible to have missed when amidst questions of his mental stability, he issued the following in a tweetstorm this past Saturday morning. 610 more words

Movie decisions

Last week as I was writing a piece on the films I have watched over and over, I was in the midst of a family film binge on the Pitch Perfect (trilogy? 466 more words

Who does a Top 10 list anymore?

Certainly not me. I tried to sit down and narrow down my list of top 10 films of all time and was just unable to make it happen. 1,198 more words

Black and White picture challenge

On social media over the past ten days or so, I have seen a fair number of posts with the following content:

7 days
7 b/w of my life… 239 more words