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Hate is misunderstood.......

I hated my mother.

My whole life I hated her. And her whole adult life she hated me. Or at least that’s what I thought up until about a week ago. 554 more words



Love is love. Hate is misunderstood. Jealousy is hate. Envy is jealousy. To want is to envy. To love is to want. Wants are misunderstood.. Misunderstandings are the definition of conflict.. 25 more words


The Birthday Boys Best

My head is hitting the pillow but before it does, I’ve got to share Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s best “If you smell what the rock is cooking!”

Happy Birthday Dwayne!


Syria as a model for Palestine

On April 22 the students of Bir Zeit University on the West Bank near Ramallah, the capital city of the PA, voted  by a majority of 26 seats for Hamas to lead their student council compared to the Fatah which won 19 seats.    429 more words

Israel And Middle East


According to someone either incredibly clever or incredibly pretentious, the beginning is the most important part’. It therefore follows that I must point out how I do apologise what a load of bloody rubbish this is, I have 2 minutes until I need to post something and am spiralling frantically into some vile rainbow hole of writers’ block where gremlins do lurk and snatch thoughts out of your head as you scurry around in desperate hope that the grey rainbow will mix itself apart to form some kind of coherent ordered thought once more. 23 more words

What is Linux?

What Is Linux?

This was originally intended as brief history lesson followed by a guide, it got out of control however so I have split them into two posts.   1,073 more words


on a lighter note

this was a conversation i had today.

hillary: yeah dude, i’m finally going back to the gym.

me: oh noice. what’d you do?

hillary: actually i sprained my ankle. 160 more words