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I Only Have Three Years Left.

Two years ago, I told my Mama I would be married with 2 kids within the next 5 years. Welp I only have 3 years left and I’m not even close to dating. 370 more words

What is the factor by which the reward for righteous deeds in Ramadan is multiplied?

What is the factor by which the reward for righteous deeds in Ramadan is multiplied?

Praise be to Allah

Because Ramadan is of such a high status, acts of obedience during the month are of immense virtue and earn a greatly multiplied reward, and the sin of acts of disobedience during this month is greater and more serious than sins at other times. 796 more words


Helmet cam shows Daesh in chaos

Reuters | Published — Saturday 30 April 2016

An Islamic State fighter is seen carrying a rocket-propelled grenade launcher in Iraq, in this still image taken from an amateur video supplied by Kurdish Peshmerga and received by Reuters on Friday. 436 more words


Masterminds of terror

Masterminds of terror

How to explain the riseof IS through the story of its chiefs.

Firas al-Absi was in Atmeh too. A Saudi-born Syrian jihadist with big ambitions, he came to build his own empire.

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There is only ONE Living God

There is only ONE God, the Living God, Jesus Christ. He saved me from hell and from sin. I died of a heart attack in 1998 and Jesus Christ let me come back to warn the world that He is alive and that hell is real. 132 more words

After hostage beheading, is Philippines facing IS threat?

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Months before Abu Sayyaf militants beheaded retired Canadian mining executive John Ridsdel in the tropical jungles of the southern Philippines, they showed him pleading for life in a video with three other hostages that demanded a record-high ransom. 1,084 more words

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