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Enemies: A Love Story

One good (but unfortunate) way of accumulating a pile of books to read is to break your ankle. In no time after my injury I found myself awash in reading material, all kinds of reading material. 368 more words


Love Comes Lately

My understanding is that the three interwoven stories of Love Comes Lately are all based on separate short stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

It’s interesting how the film connects them rather than simply presenting them separately in succession. 743 more words


A Fool and the Truth

I am Gimpel the fool. I don't think myself a fool. On the
contrary. But that's what folks call me. They gave me the
name while I was still in school.
1,143 more words

Conditional Freedom - Read Between The Lines

“We have to believe in free will. We’ve got no other choice.” Isaac Bashevis Singer


Newbery Challenge Update V

Today I passed a major milestone in my Newbery Challenge. In fact, at one time I pondered having this milestone be the completion of my Newbery Challenge. 694 more words


Ω Σατανά συμπόνεσε την ατελείωτη δυστυχία μου

Zorg: Γιατί; Τι πρόβλημα έχεις με μένα;
Ιερέας Vito Cornelius: Εγώ προσπαθώ να υπηρετώ τη ζωή. Και εσύ φαίνεται να θες να την καταστρέψεις.
Zorg: Ω, Πατέρα. 35 more words