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Isaac Hayes in full

I wish I’d had longer to talk to Isaac Hayes back in January 1971, and that I’d been able to get him to talk in more detail about his childhood and his family background, which involved picking cotton and extreme poverty. 844 more words

Soul Music

Pros and Cons of Vinyl: Interview with Jake Larson

This week I interviewed Jake Larson. Jake has been collecting records since he was 16 years old. I came over to his house, we through on a record(David Bowie’s… 102 more words

Record Stores

Record Store Day - Black Friday 2017

The Black Friday Record Store Day official list is out, spreading a new hope amongst vinyl enthusiasts around the world. Although RSDBF is the smaller sibling to the original RSD in April, the volume of releases is still significant.   35 more words

Reggae Covers: Lloyd Charmers - Theme from 'Shaft' (Isaac Hayes)

One of the most well-known, most culturally-pervasive movie themes of all time, Isaac Hayes‘ theme for the 1971 blaxploitation movie Shaft has received near-constant homage in other media from the… 87 more words


Don't Touch My Ride

Found this pic from a trip to Stax, thought I’d take it somewhere, have some fun, and give a shout out to the great Isaac Hayes in the process.¬† 110 more words


3 things about Jonathan Kaplan's TRUCK TURNER

Truck Turner

1. “You want to find the rooster, you gotta check out the hens.” Outrageous Nichelle Nichols outfit.
2. Lovemaking cut short by cat. 8 more words

1970: Bookstore

Jack Garofalo: Bookstore, Harlem, 1970