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Stopping By Cafe Regio's

I heard the music before I ever saw the movie. Which makes a whole lot of sense, since the movie was released in the year I turned five. 269 more words


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The Trio of Memphis (#27)

The clothes store owner charged Rory and Allen five dollars each for a shower. Rory thought this was the best fiver he had spent since showering after a week at Bonnaroo. 983 more words


Ain't No Smilin' Faces, Lyin' To The Races

“Coming up on the Classic Lunch, music from the Staple Sisters!” the DJ stated emphatically.

After making sure I heard what I thought I did, I lowered my head in the palm of my hand. 377 more words


Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Full length version. Heartbreaking and sexy as hell at the same time. Some Hot Buttered Soul for a sultry Sunday morning.


Escape from New York (1981)

This is a perfect example of how John Carpenter and Kurt Russell are a great team; the two seem to fit each other as if they could do no wrong. 670 more words


You Put A Run In My Walk

I had to be the maddest twelve-year-old on the planet.

Day after day, I listened to the radio, waiting to hear the song that is today’s Morning Groove. 333 more words