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Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

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What’s it all about:

R is a Zombie, but not just any zombie. Well yes he is dead and eats people, but he also thinks. 771 more words


Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I’ve never read a zombie book before. I can’t tell you if this is clichéd for the genre or if it’s all new and exciting. I’ve seen plenty of zombie movies, but a book and movie are two fundamentally different things. 492 more words

Book Review

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Release date: 28th October 2010

Pages: 240

Age Range: 16+ (a younger person could read this book but they may be confused by the writing style and vocabulary). 1,748 more words

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Books for fun...and stress relief...

I recently read an article by the Associated Press about colouring books for adults, in order to help them relieve stress. Not only is this new trend popular, with competitions as a result of it, but it also seems to be an effective means of relieving stress. 793 more words

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Warm Thieves

In the last two weeks I have read:

The Republic of Thieves
by Scott Lynch

This is the third book in the Gentleman Bastard sequence. The series focuses on a gang of thieves who have been trained since childhood to also be scholars, craftsman, actors, accountants, priests, and weapons masters. 743 more words


[BOOK] Warm Bodies.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie version starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer so I decided to read the novel that it was based on. After reading the first few chapters, I realized it was mostly the same as the movie except for some details that might not have translated well on film or maybe they thought were unnecessary. 486 more words


Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Billed as the zombie story with a heart, I actually found the general arc of Warm Bodies’ storyline to be a tad predictable, but I’m very glad to say this didn’t detract from finding out the details of how it all happened. 384 more words