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'Am I a Soldier of the Cross?'

This version of Am I a Soldier of the Cross?, sung by Doris Johnson, was the No. 1 Gospel hit in February, 2016. I wonder what Isaac Watts would have thought of that? 34 more words


The Treasure We Possess

How vast the treasure we possess!  How rich Thy bounty, King of Grace!  This world is ours, and worlds to come.  Earth is our lodge and heaven our home. 120 more words

Christian Worldview

Poets' Corner - Upward I Lift My Eyes

1 Upward I lift mine eyes,
From God is all my aid;
The God who built the skies,
And earth and nature made,
God is the Tower…

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Actually, I have no idea how Abraham Lincoln observed New Year’s Eve, but I do have a strong suspicion about what passed through his mind as one year gave way to the next. 1,091 more words

TN - Morristown Police still looking for missing man and woman | WBIR.com

MORRISTOWN – As 2016 comes to a close, the Morristown Police Department is still looking for a woman whose been missing for more than a year and a man who hasn’t been seen in a month. 53 more words


"Like a child at home"

A new blog needs a new title. But in this case, the idea for the one arrived at the same time as the idea for the other… 155 more words


On Ambiguities

“But I add farther, that though a word entirely new, introduced into a language, may be affixed to what idea you please, yet an old word ought never to be affixed to an unaccustomed idea, without just and evident necessity, or without present and previous notice, lest we introduce thereby a license for all manner of pernicious equivocations and falsehoods: as, for instance, when an idle boy, who has not seen his book all the morning, shall tell his master that he has learned his lesson, he can never excuse himself by saying, that by the word lesson he meant his breakfast, and by the word learn he meant eating; surely this would be construed as a downright lie, and his fancied wit would hardly procure his pardon” (Isaac Watts, Logic, pp.

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