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The Peaceful Gates of Heav'nly Bliss

Hymn 108

Come, let us lift our joyful eyes
Up to the courts above,
And smile to see our Father there
Upon a throne of love.

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The Grace of Gratefulness Day Three Challenge

When I was small my mother always made me wait till after we had said grace before we ate. In Spanish we would say muchas gracias (much grace). 222 more words

Daily Devotion

O, how I hate those lusts of mine

O, if my soul were formed for woe,
How would I vent my sighs!
Repentance should like rivers flow
From both my streaming eyes.

Twas for my sins my dearest Lord… 92 more words

When I Can Read My Title Clear

1) The Almanac. Click on the month you want in the side-bar, then the specific date. The blog will tell you what happened in hymn history on that day. 924 more words

Christian Life

Notes on metricizing the Psalms

I’m currently working on metricizing some of the Psalms.

I’m not doing it because I particularly like metrical Psalms. The fact is that I usually don’t. 384 more words


#19 - Worm Theology

For October 24, 2014

Have you ever heard of Worm Theology? 

It’s the idea that people are worthless and deserve only to grovel in the dirt…. 12 more words

Coram Deo Church - Swallowed Up Death (2015)

Coram Deo Church (Omaha, Nebraska) – Swallowed Up Death
produced by David Potter and Luke Pettipoole

As we round the future into 2015 this album is a beacon of concepts to come…reflecting on Zac Hicks… 341 more words