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Mick asked me to take her to see “Joy” yesterday. Not my kind of movie, but we seldom go to the movies together, so I agreed. 289 more words

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Blue Velvet (1986)

A young man from the small town of Lumberton stumbles upon a severed human ear and his curiosity leads him down the rabbit hole of violence and depravity surrounding a mysterious criminal known as Frank. 137 more words


It's About a Mop - Joy (2015)

No really, it’s about a mop.  So this is about a determined girl name Joy (Jennifer Lawrence), who fancies herself an inventor.  She thinks that she has revolutionized the cleaning world with a brand new type of mop, so when she shows  her invention to the world on the QVC channel, can she get them to want what she has created?   407 more words


Kaycee's Klasic Films - The Beach

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films

Sometimes when you watch a film you can be taken away to where it is and what’s happening in it I suppose that’s the whole point really and that’s what happens for me with this one. 758 more words


Death Becomes Her

Film Title

Death Becomes Her


Robert Zemeckis


  • Meryl Streep as Madeline Ashton
  • Goldie Hawn as Helen Sharp
  • Bruce Willis as Ernest Menville
  • Isabella Rossellini as Lisle…
  • 693 more words
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Crack Open A PBR, 'Blue Velvet' Is Coming Back To Theaters

David Lynch hasn’t exactly formally retired, but he hasn’t put out a feature film since 2006’s inscrutable Inland Empire, either. He’s currently busying himself with the upcoming, years-later third season of his cult-classic TV show  277 more words