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The 30 Day Isagenix Challenge - WEEK ONE

Hunger. Discomfort. Delirium. My stomach is angrily attempting to eat itself from the inside. Good god – was that my Pancreas rumbling? 2:15am. I desperately need to get some sleep before embarking upon another day at the office tomorrow. 1,976 more words


Weight-Loss Plateaus

Few aspects of weight loss are as frustrating as when the changes you’ve seen on the scale begin to slow down, and then seemingly stop altogether. 868 more words

IsaGenix New Isalean Pro Shake Flavor Cookies and Cream

IsaGenix has released a new high protein product- IsaLean®PRO Cookies & Cream. This is a new flavor of this great protein product. IsaLean Pro shakes are the fat-busting, muscle-building breakthrough the world’s been waiting for. 13 more words


How to eat healthy on a busy schedule

It’s funny how our healthy eating habits tend to be the first to go out the window whenever we are faced with an extra busy schedule. 415 more words

Personal Growth

Day #16 Isagenix Trial

This morning when I woke up, I was a bit hesitant to step on the weighing scale for fear of finding myself back at 73kg. 215 more words


Day #15 Isagenix trial

Weight: 72.2kg 😊

Can’t believe that it has been 15 days since I took this product, and in that 15 days, I’ve lost 3kg! I started with 75.2kg and this morning I weighed myself and was delighted to see my weight loss has reached more than half of the target I set at the beginning (to lose 5kg by end of this month). 90 more words


Day #14 Isagenix trial

Weight: 72.4kg

Waist: 37.5″

Praise to God that I managed to meet my weekly weight goal despite so many temptations and challenges this week!

My colleague mentioned that my face already looks different so that boosts my confidence to move along with Isagenix towards achieving my target weight (10kg loss before NZ trip in October!) 61 more words