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Cleansing and it feels great!

Mr. I will be 6 soon and we’re going on a mini family vacation to the waterpark.  All my boys are excited for his birthday.  I think because they cannot wait to reap the benefits of enjoying their time at the waterpark ;) 255 more words


Cleanse Finish :)

Ok, my cleanse was officially over last night and this morning I woke up feeling the best I have ever felt! AND I WOKE UP AT 7AM!!! 436 more words


~*~*~ First Cleanse Day~*~*~

So… I have been going really strong on all of my products, eating a really healthy meal every day and drinking my two shakes. I’ve been mixing up my afternoon lunch and dinner options with shakes because sometimes others are more convenient.  337 more words

Coconut Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

After we finished supper tonight, my husband asked if there was anything else. Any dessert is what he meant. However, since we began making an effort to eat more healthy I have been baking far less. 573 more words


Block Exams + Waiting

Block exams start Friday morning. Well, there’s a practical on Wednesday. This block I have an exam on CNS Meds on Friday, and on Monday one over Cancer Meds in addition to the usual Management/Business/Finance exam on Monday. 360 more words

Block Exams

First Week

Heyyyy Guys!

Phew! Let me tell you, I just had the best workout! Back and Biceps. First, I did all the workouts on my list (LoL, yes this is an achievement). 289 more words


Why diets fail… (and how to beat the odds)

In 2015 many of us will start the year off right, eating well, exercising, and trying to shed those excess kg’s. Unfortunately statistics show that 80-90% of those with weight loss resolutions will put it all back on again and more. 485 more words

Clean Eating