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190816: WHY train? Fitness for Wellness

Hey, hey Team

I was training Legs at Anytime Fitness, Secret Harbour today and I was watching everyone else train. Of course I smashed the session and gave it 100% haha. 298 more words

D a y t h i r t y.

Here I am. Day thirty. I have come so far and all I feel today is disappointment. The scale says 112.0 and I don’t know why. 172 more words

Update on me

Hey lovelies,

It’s been a while and I hope you’re all doing well. I’m at that time in the school year where I seriously need to prepare for my end of year exams. 270 more words


D a y T w e n t y t w o

Is Whiskey a carb?

We went out last night which is such a rare occasion and after a long day of making great choices I had 2 whiskey sours and half a slice of pizza. 130 more words

s e v e n t e e n .

Hello day 17, today you will be better than yesterday. I’m going to west those pounds back off today and cleanse the crap I ate this weekend back OUT of my system. 151 more words

1 5 & 1 6

This weekend was ROUGH. I had clinical 6am-7pm on Saturday and Sunday and I had to eat so much to keep my body moving. I made *mostly* all good choices, but I did eat a ton more than usually just because I felt like I was starving from running around like crazy. 105 more words

What I am snacking on: chocolate covered almondsĀ 

I have a massive sweet tooth. If you’re looking for savoury snacks, you won’t find much of that here. That’s why when my sister posted this recipe to her… 234 more words