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Weight Loss Supplements For Vegans

Are you tired of being obese? Are you tired of going to the gym and following a strict diet every single day yet no change? Do you think that because you are a vegan none of the weight loss program works well for you? 24 more words

Focusing on health

Even though I’ve lost 100 pounds, I am more focused on my health and getting my life back, than the number on the scale. The last vacation we took, my son was 8 years old. 90 more words


My story starts in the middle...

You may ask yourself why is she starting her blog in the middle of her weight loss journey? Why didn’t she start sharing from the beginning? 137 more words


A Dreamer, Believer, and Leader of Transformation: Meet Tampa's Fierce Soulpreneur Of Life, Health, And Wellness

When it comes to overcoming health and fitness obstacles with a robust spirit and optimistic mentality, there’s no better story than that of Lili Arroyo. Lili, inspired by her own personal transformation from unhealthy to healthy, brings along a rather refreshing set of ingredients within the health & wellness industry and beyond. 1,792 more words

3 Benefits Of Having Protein Shakes

Imagine a situation in which you are struggling to lose weight. You are bordering obesity and you know that you need to shed off some kilograms. 42 more words

Good Day and Good Health!

Being busy is common in today’s world but many suffer tough side effects of this ‘on-the-go’ and ‘fast-paced’ lifestyle by getting sick easily, being tired, moody and depressed, unfocused and apathetic, escaping so their lives rather than creating it to purpose, fulfillment and happiness. 444 more words


Cleanse Day- Not a Retraction, a Reflection

This post is a not a retraction, this post is a reflection on my Cleanse Day that was completed yesterday. I realized after writing the “ 223 more words