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Isaiah 59

Evil, judgement and a promised redeemer.

The evil is portrayed with spider web analogies, a web of lies, a bunch of baby eggs hatching more nasties. 220 more words


39 Books: Isaiah - The Fifth Gospel

Isaiah – The Fifth Gospel

No Old Testament book is more important in explaining the person and work of Jesus the Messiah than this one.

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"Prayer Study" Week 18 - El Yeshuati

This week’s Name comes with a singular and a plural variation.

El Yeshuati means God of My Salvation.

El Yeshuatenu means God of Our Salvation.

540 more words

in the beginning, i created this blog.

It was 7:00AM on a foggy January day. I was wide awake, contemplating things. I was thinking about something very important–that our actions count for eternity and that I wanted to do something meaningful with my life, something that would have an impact. 208 more words


January 21, 2018

Reading Isaiah 58:6, Proverbs 31: 8-9 (NRSV)

As I write this, I am on a retreat at the ocean, luxuriating in sunshine while watching waves and listening to seagulls cry. 217 more words


Isaiah 58

A life of service is a life of joy, of rich blessing.

The chapter takes fasting, a religious discipline, and looks at what God’s actually likes about it. 183 more words