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Imani and ISAK and FAQ. Oh my!

At this point many of you have heard that I  was accepted to an international leadership IB boarding school in Japan. As the days count down to my departure in August (yes still awhile away but the time will fly), I am getting more and more questions about this new adventure I’ll be embarking. 505 more words


On that silvery glittering mountain, I could see a vast arch of land and sea fuzed together like a fizzy drink, a turquoise lake lapping applauded at it’s foot magnetized an audience of tourists, an avenue of cherry blossom flattered its invincible beauty, (and a billion more things that I’d like to tell you in person). 205 more words

From The Horses Mouth

"Isak" kjøpt inn av Kulturrådet- My new Norwegian novel approved by the Norwegian Arts Council

My new novel “Isak” has been approved by the Norwegian Arts Council. Scroll down for more about this in English…

Min nye roman “Isak” er blitt kjøpt opp av Kulturrådet. 179 more words


Always one book ahead / Alltid én bok foran

(Scroll down for English version…)

Når jeg skriver dette, har min nye roman “Isak” vært ute i butikkene i omtrent to måneder. Og jeg er nettopp ferdig med neste manus. 402 more words


Review of The Stormcaller - Book 1 of The Twilight Reign by Tom Lloyd

This is another of the books stacked up by my bedside that I have taken far too long to get around to reading…

Isak is a white-eye, born bigger, more charismatic and more powerful than normal men… but with that power comes an unpredictable temper and an inner rage. 605 more words

Book Review

2015 - what a year!

I will remember 2015 as a demanding year. Professionally, emotionally and physically, it was a continuous struggle. I don’t think I had one whole day without something serious to worry about. 260 more words


Bokutgivelsen - nå er jeg glad og sliten! / The Book Launch - Now I'm happy and exhausted!

(Text in English will follow.)

Så er endelig min sekstende roman “Isak” ute i butikkene! Jeg lanserte den med brask og bram midt i Oslo, på Sehesteds plass, midt mellom lokalene til Aschehoug og Gyldendal. 576 more words