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Managing Genomics Data at the Sanger Institute Dr. Tim Cutts Managing Genomics Data at the Sanger Institute Dr. Tim Cutts

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ISAcreator 1.5 in beta testing phase

So here’s what’s been added:
1) ISAvalidator integrated (hence larger file size ~34mb). Access it from the utilities menu item;

2) New add assay functionality; … 170 more words


Big improvements to the BII web application (version 1.4)

Performance improvements

A few weeks ago, we started loading the InnoMed datasets in the EBI instance of the BioInvestigation Index and we started to notice performance problems, especially when accessing the detailed study pages (it was taking almost 70 seconds it to render the pages). 254 more words


In ISAcreator 1.4 we have made a very...

In ISAcreator 1.4, we have made a very significant release, improving many aspects of the codebase, solving many of the problems encountered in previous releases, adding new functionality and further improving the user interface. 166 more words


Mass improvements to the ISA Configurator version 1.3

We’ve been working a lot to improve the code base and the usability of our tools! If you start using the ISAconfigurator, you will notice many improvements, not just those listed in this post in terms of reliability, performance and overall look and feel. 144 more words


The MAGE to ISA converter takes an ArrayExpress...

The MAGE to ISA converter takes an ArrayExpress accession and converts it’s associated MAGE-TAB file to ISAtab.

Enter a valid ArrayExpress accession, e.g. E-BUGS-65 to get it’s ISAtab counterpart. 131 more words