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V4 is here!

Hi everybody, i’d like to announce the release of Snippet Manager & Injector v4! This time it’s all about speed and comfort. There are some very nice new features, but my focus was: improvement. 393 more words


The Sound of Holy Spirits

When you visit a shrine where holy spirits exist, you may hear a sound of buzzing. I have heard this sound before while I was praying at the sanctuary building of Geku(外宮)of Ise Grand Shrine. 503 more words


What is the right response to true deities?

Visitting Izougu(伊雑宮)in Ise, whose official name is Izawanomiya, people will feel various things individually. Rare plants or creatures inhabit the small sacred place strangely as if it has kept the environment since ancient times. 429 more words



Okay guys, I’m clearly rubbish at writing a blog. Or at least at keeping it up. The blog posts, I mean. Things keep on happening here, which I most of time find quite interesting but writing a post about it later is just like telling a joke that was hilarious at the time, but it’s just not funny anymore if you have to tell the pun to people who at the time weren’t even there. 1,043 more words

How to Use Profiles in Windows PowerShell ISE

To create a new profile

To create a new “Current user, Windows PowerShell ISE” profile, run this command:

if (!(test-path $profile )) 
{new-item -type file -path $profile -force} 
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A relaxing day at Hoshidekan

Staying at a traditional inn also know as a Ryokan is a must when you’re traveling in Japan. So of course I stayed at one and it was simply amazing! 41 more words