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Recently I had to work on a task that requirea a wired device needs to “eduroam” SSID which is configured with 802.1X. In this post I will share how I configured it. 1,383 more words

WLAN Secuirty

Configuring Cisco TrustSec Enforcement using Cisco ISE

Cisco TrustSec can be used to segment a network, it classifies traffic and assigns Security Group Tags (SGTs), these tags can be used to enforce (permit/deny traffic at any point in the network. 1,989 more words


Configuring Cisco ISE Dynamic VLAN assignment

Dynamic VLAN assignment by a RADIUS server (e.g. Cisco ISE) can be useful when you want to assign a specific VLAN to a user or group of users. 495 more words


Configuring ISE TACACS+

This blog post describes the configuration of Cisco ISE 2.4 TACACS+ (Device Administration) to authenticate and authorize administration of Cisco IOS devices. In this example Cisco ISE will be joined to the Active Directory domain (LAB.LOCAL), and domain group membership will determine the authorization for users. 1,207 more words


Access Layer Security (Part 3) - 802.1ae

In previous entries we’ve looked at how easy it is to attack networks secured with Profiling, MAC Address authentication and/or 802.1X, especially if you have access to a device that is known to work. 273 more words


Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) v2.4

Cisco Identity Services Engine v2.4 was released last week, bringing a number of changes to the platform.  The biggest changes to be aware of are; 360 more words