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News from Ise: 伊勢だより

伊勢だより Ise dayori roughly means “news from Ise.” Ise 伊勢 is located in Mie prefecture.

Yesterday while I was at the department store product fair I ate… 155 more words


Akafuku Mochi: 赤福餅

赤福餅 akafuku mochi is a famous type of mochi from Ise 伊勢 in Mie prefecture 三重県. It has a 300 year history.

赤 aka means “red” and 福 fuku means “luck.” 餅 mochi is rice cake. 90 more words

Japanese Sweets

File & Folder Creation with File Sorting in Powershell

Long post today. Definitely my most complex and longest script. Basically what this does it is looks at two separate CSV files, one has a list of locations and the other has a list of users/ people with a location assigned to them as well as some other attributes. 585 more words


Drive Name Checker Against Variable

Before you can use scripts, see my post on how to allow them to be run here

This script gets the name of a drive specified by the drive letter and then compares this to a variable. 293 more words


Dish of the day: Sushi lunch set

We were wandering in the streets of Ise and found this cosy sushi restaurant by accident. But what a surprise! As always in Japan, you are welcomed with green tea and a warm tissue to wash your hands. 21 more words


Changing Script Execution Policies with Powershell

First, load up a Powershell prompt in Administrator mode.

Using the command:

 Get-ExecutionPolicy -List 

will bring up all of the execution policies for the different scopes. 190 more words


Making a Paint Calculator in Powershell

First of all, open up a new Powershell ISE window. You’ll also want to make sure that your script execution policy allows for scripts to be run. 430 more words