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ISE 2018 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

This year, more than 80,000 visitors showed up to say “hi” at Integrated Systems Europe’s (ISE) 15th edition, celebrated in Amsterdam. Although it’s one of the rainiest cities in Europe, the weather remained sunny for this huge gathering of tech-based professionals. 559 more words


Finding a matching brace in PowerShell ISE

Just like in Visual Studio, it is helpful to know the matching brace in the Power Shell Editor. If you are near the opening brace, it would tell you where the closing brace is and vice-versa. 27 more words

Web Development

Pass arguments to the PowerShell script in PowerShell ISE

Use the command pane. Open the script file in the ISE editor, set the breakpoints (F9). Then in the command pane type a command invoking this script with required parameters. 14 more words


Sqlplus is hanging when runs from PowerShell ISE

It happened that I installed Oracle 12.2 on Windows, it’s mostly out of curiosity and can give me some field for articles.

Warning: please do not run Oracle on Windows for production =) 144 more words


Isi Ego - Phyno

Isi Ego – Phyno

Phyno – Isi Ego. Penthauze Music begins the year by premiering Phyno’s Ise Ego which is produced by Iam beats. This is certainly worth the wait. 516 more words

Beginning with Power Shell

Power Shell is a scripting tool from Microsoft. One can write scripts to automate processes or tasks in Windows. The boundaries of Power Shell is not confined to only Windows, Power Shell is being used in other Microsoft Technologies like SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365. 31 more words


My personal PowerShell ISE snippets

Following the post of Josh RICKARD on 4SysOps about ISE snippets,
I just wanted to share two of my personal snippets I use very often as a System Administrator. 96 more words