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Ise Stories. Okitama or how I became the princess of apples!

Spring is swelling
Is that blossom I see?
White snow
Hanging on the branches
Where the warbler sings.

(The Monk Sosei, Kokinshuu)

First, a tiny tiny disclaimer: this post is written by a very tired, and a bit chaotic mind. 1,307 more words

Itinerant priests, wards against evil, and hidden history

Starting once again with lectures by Okada-sensei, we had a combination of two talks in the morning and touring experiences in the afternoon. The theme of the morning was customs of Ise, and we began with  1,676 more words


Pilgrims on the road, dragons in the bay

We entered a new series of lectures today that focus on exchange and interaction in the Ise area. Lead by Professor Okada, our topics began with a the location of Ise shrine at Ise Bay. 1,430 more words


ISE 1.3: Endpoints/NAD ---> ISE Communication

Quick diagram of ports and protocols used for communication between endpoints/network devices to ISE servers (Monitoring/Policy Service Node). I wanted to put this up as this is a discussion I have with customers when talking about which ports are used and for what. Hope it helps


Myths, language, and the cold winds of Ise

Our Sunday (Day 8) was the first free day in the program, which meant that most of us spent the rainy and cold day in the dorms, but some brave souls ventured out. 1,179 more words


ISE 1.3: Chain 802.1x with Centralised Web Authentication (CWA)

In Identity Services Engine version 1.3, Cisco has introduced the ability to chain 802.1x authenticaton with Central Web Authentication (CWA) and make an authorisation decision based on the two identities. 1,039 more words


Ise Stories. Saiku or an unusual Saturday

Motto: “The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” (Robert Frost)

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Yesterday we rose early, as usual, and were picked up by people from the mayor’s office, in a brand new and comfortable bus (whaaat, we’re betraying our faithful school bus? 872 more words