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Gluttony Expedition - Defining Beauty, Tado, Japan

The band is back together, Ken doll is joining us and Aki who’s name henceforth is Barbie, for a day trip to Ise and the grandest, most important Shinto shrine in Japan, Ise Jingu. 1,482 more words

Gluttony Expeditions

Add a default code template to the PowerShell ISE

Some of the 3rd party PowerShell editors offer already built-in support for a default code template where the content of the code template replaces the default blank sheet for every new tab as a starting point for new scripts. 200 more words


Japan 4: Railway

Railway crossing somewhere in the back streets of Ise, Japan. The alarms on Japanese railway crossings are one of my favourite sounds of Japan, sort of half way between a siren and a slightly cracked bell. 16 more words


Sublime Text Snippets for Cisco WLC ACLs

Part of a consultants/engineers job unfortunately is to configure things which can be quite repetitive in nature, every time I find something that needs to be done twice I will create a script in whatever language best fits the purpose. 233 more words


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Viskasin täna bussist maha jäänud Liina pakikal põllu vahelt linna poole ära.


Japan 3: Lanterns

Lanterns in the old pilgrim city of Ise, Japan, the site of the two most important shrines in the Shinto faith. This is on the road connecting the shrines. 54 more words