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"Mozart or Martin Garrix?": interesting questions to talk about music

General questions about music:


  1. Do you like music? How does music make you feel?
  2. What kind of music do you like? …
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Religious and ethnic festivals: are they only good for selfies?

General questions about festivals:

  1. Think of a traditional Spanish Festival: Christmas; Easter; Feria de Abril; Romería; Rocío; Festivales Medievales; Carnivals; etc.
  2. What does the holiday stand for?
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Be my Valentine!: What to ask on certain special occasions

General introduction

  1. When is your birthday?
  2. Do you know any famous people’s birthdays? (Are any the same as yours?)
  3. Whose birthday do you always remember? …
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Work hard, play hard: everything that there is to know about entertainment

General introduction

  1. Movies: Do you go to the cinema?; What kind of movies do you like?;  Who are some of the famous actors in your country?
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Everything you should ask about means of transport

Our personal opinion, giving reasons and quantifying

Opinions about private means of transport:

  1. Do you have a bicycle? If so, when did you get it? How often do you ride it?
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Fun questions to talk about recent personal experiences

Talking about events in the indefinite and recent past

  1. Have you been to any parties / a wedding recently?
  2. Have you been to a football match lately?
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Create repository on CISCO ISE

Repository can be used to install patch, upgrade ISE, restore backup, export backup,logs . Repository can be create from GUI and from CLI. Repository create from CLI will be removed after reloading ISE. 234 more words