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Monkey Sanctuary (and a Chinese Buffet)

I’m all for waking up early on weekends

This weekend was busy. Very, very busy.  But that is okay, because it was the good kind of busy that leaves you exhausted by the time Sunday night rolls around and the only thing you want to do is lay in bed and eat Oreos and listen to Pippin and reminisce about the busy things you did the previous two days, but you can’t do that because you have essays due tomorrow and need to manage to find black dress pants and shoes at a mall in a country that doesn’t have Kohl’s or JCP.   1,056 more words

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The Waiting....

Those who know me might be aware that I’m not particularly well known for my patience. I’m the sort of person who can’t deal with not having things immediately. 285 more words

Best Friday (No dress pants though) [Challenge 3]

Today. Was. Grand.  Let me walk you though it:

This week I acknowledged that I sleep too much, and I wanted to change that.  So starting on Wednesday I started waking up at 8:00am.   839 more words

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Sick of being sick (a summary of last week)

These past 7 days have been quite the doozy (If I do say so myself).  And I had about 0 time to sit down and write on Friday (sorry devoted readers, I promise it won’t happen again…. 1,063 more words

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It's a big world out there and most things are labeled in Swedish (at least in Sweden)/ HOME

There is a coffee chain, located in Charlotte, that I love dearly; Caribou Coffee. Their cups always have inspirational quotes about tackling the day and enjoying life. 1,143 more words

Studying abroad is a lot like Chipotle (Inspired by a hunger that Nando's just can't fill) [Challenge 2]

The thought of soaring through the air super fast, super high, to spend a super long time, in a (super) different country, (super) far from home is super daunting.   1,285 more words

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