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The New Normal

My study away experience has started three weeks ago and I’ve never felt this confused in my life like I’ve been feeling lately. Although I’ve been to the U.S four times before, I’ve never visited this part of the country, The Midwest. 543 more words


ISEP Voices

Writing. I’m in love with it. I continually look for any opportunity to express my opinions, thoughts, and experiences through words…which is why at the end of last summer I applied for a blogging position through my study abroad program, ISEP. 321 more words


ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) Catherine's Advice #1

by: Catherine McConkey

One of the most exciting things about being in college is having the opportunity and freedom to do something different. My name is Catherine, and I am an international exchange student from Ulster University, Northern Ireland. 1,156 more words


log one ; never thought i'll be where i am today

All my life I thought about studying abroad. For me it had always been obvious — one day I will go abroad to study in the united states. 501 more words


It's Official!

I’ve been officially accepted into Lake Forest College! It’s in a fancy letter and everything. 274 more words


On Good Form

It has arrived! The magical DS-2019 form has arrived! It’s so pretty… (even if the fact that the woman in the picture is holding the pen upside down isn’t). 186 more words


La Côte d'Azur

The colors of the French Riviera were so unreal: a bright azure blue that looks like it was painted onto the Mediterranean.  The cities and beaches along the southern coast of France are some of the most vibrant and beautiful places I’ve ever seen; they made walking along the shoreline seem more like a dream than a reality. 164 more words