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La Côte d'Azur

The colors of the French Riviera were so unreal: a bright azure blue that looks like it was painted onto the Mediterranean.  The cities and beaches along the southern coast of France are some of the most vibrant and beautiful places I’ve ever seen; they made walking along the shoreline seem more like a dream than a reality. 164 more words


When Everything Goes Wrong and Ends Up Absolutely Right

When nothing goes according to the plan, it could mean the best moments in life are about to happen. Ruined plans move our boundaries of the possible and encourage us to get closer to them. 289 more words

Packing for 6 months in Spain

Before I left for my study abroad, I found many packing lists, but they all lacked in specificity. Below is a less general packing guide… 898 more words

6 Months

The Wait is Over...Again

It does seem like all I’m doing these days is waiting. However, in the words of Neopets, ‘something has happened…’ 178 more words

Application Process

March 11--Exchange Those Students

I have been an exchange student three times. Twice to Germany, and once to Hungary. I have also lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan. On the whole, Japanese people are the most xenophobic people I’ve ever met. 327 more words

Resist Trump