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Long Goodbyes (one week)

In high school, my friends and I were infamous for our long goodbyes. We’d hug several times, sing a song or two, and reassure each other with see-you-soons. 273 more words


An Unexpected Study Abroad Experience in Finland

ISEP student and psychology major Rayme M. spent a semester at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. Sometimes your host country isn’t exactly what you expected, and that’s usually for the best. 421 more words

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Morocco: First Observations and Thoughts

After 2 1/2 days of traveling, I arrived in Morocco on Tuesday morning. I haven’t experienced culture shock (I’ve only been here two days), but I have been able to spot some things that differ from what I’m used to. 777 more words

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The Best Parts of Studying in Puerto Rico

On the ISEP blog, we like to share stories about students and their study abroad journeys. Today, we’re doing it a little different. ISEP student Lucia, who spent a semester in France, wants others to be able to experience her home university of  493 more words

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Exploring the Benefits of Studying Abroad

In case you had any doubts that studying abroad comes with a huge amount of benefits, we’ve got a couple more reasons to help convince you. 471 more words

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Saved by ISEP and the DoS

My study abroad plans were in limbo due to Turkey’s failed coup. My program wasn’t cancelled, but I did make the decision to withdraw. However, thanks to ISEP and the Department of State, my study abroad plans won’t be canceled. 319 more words

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