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Ma'at, Order and Everything in Between

I recently started reading Violence in the Service of Order: the Religious Framework for Sanctioned Killings in Ancient Egypt by Kerry Muhlenstein, and while I’m only a chapter or so into the book, it’s given me quite a bit to think about in terms of ma’at and how it might be applied to the modern era. 1,975 more words


A Typhonian Meme

I needed some spiritual inspiration today, so I whipped this up real quick. Yeah, I think the whole “meme” thing is kind of trite…but what the hell, why not? 19 more words


A Call For Reinforcements

This is another Christmas present I made for someone I love very much. This person has an awful lot of isfet to contend with, so I thought she could really use a magical image of herself with Seth-Typhon and Ishtar giving her some support. 47 more words


Philip Glass: "Slo Mo People"

Philip Glass is one of those divisive composers whom people either really like or really hate. I’ve always really liked him, especially after I saw Godfrey Reggio’s insanely beautiful Koyaanisqatsi (1982) when I was in high school. 109 more words

Music Reviews

Chaos Rising: The Malice of Isfet

Personified hate, I am, bait of the ┼×eytan,
One and the same, to satiate raging appetite
For anthracite minds and hearts torn apart
By profusion of confusion and dark delusion; 306 more words


Episode 124: Duel of Legends

Sorry, this would have been published yesterday, but do to problems with fanfiction.net, I couldn’t post. Make sure to read it here.

Having split into their own group, Isfet leads Seto, Critias, and Celestia to find and recruit the Priest Seto. 19 more words

Episode Update


Ma’at was both a concept and a goddess in ancient Egypt. Truth, order, balance, and morality, she stood on Ra’s boat that carried the sun through the sky. 131 more words