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Satan, Set, Isfet, evil, and morality in the Left Hand Path

Imagine the following if you will: Madness. Injustice. Terror. Instability. Social decay. The prevalence of corruption. The general disintegration of the bonds that hold people together. 1,445 more words


Ma'at, Order and Everything in Between

I recently started reading Violence in the Service of Order: the Religious Framework for Sanctioned Killings in Ancient Egypt by Kerry Muhlenstein, and while I’m only a chapter or so into the book, it’s given me quite a bit to think about in terms of ma’at and how it might be applied to the modern era. 1,975 more words


A Typhonian Meme

I needed some spiritual inspiration today, so I whipped this up real quick. Yeah, I think the whole “meme” thing is kind of trite…but what the hell, why not? 19 more words


A Call For Reinforcements

This is another Christmas present I made for someone I love very much. This person has an awful lot of isfet to contend with, so I thought she could really use a magical image of herself with Seth-Typhon and Ishtar giving her some support. 47 more words


Philip Glass: "Slo Mo People"

Philip Glass is one of those divisive composers whom people either really like or really hate. I’ve always really liked him, especially after I saw Godfrey Reggio’s insanely beautiful Koyaanisqatsi (1982) when I was in high school. 109 more words

Music Reviews

Chaos Rising: The Malice of Isfet

Personified hate, I am, bait of the ┼×eytan,
One and the same, to satiate raging appetite
For anthracite minds and hearts torn apart
By profusion of confusion and dark delusion; 306 more words


Episode 124: Duel of Legends

Sorry, this would have been published yesterday, but do to problems with fanfiction.net, I couldn’t post. Make sure to read it here.

Having split into their own group, Isfet leads Seto, Critias, and Celestia to find and recruit the Priest Seto. 19 more words

Episode Update