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Don't be afraid to pick what you like

Sometimes it can be worth your while to pick something that you truly believe in. For example, I have faith in renewable energy and I came across a company based in Vancouver called… 153 more words


Which broker?

Through trial and error I am happily now relying upon Questrade as my online brokerage.

Tangerine Funds was the gateway drug: with a 1.07% MER, it is a very good globally diversified index-oriented portfolio that you can buy right from Tangerine bank that would still be generating decent returns if I held them today. 221 more words


Pay a bit more if you feel frisky

If you’re willing to spend a bit more on management fees and want to make specific sector plays, you can try DXF (Dynamic iShares Active Global Financial Services ETF) or  184 more words


A little exploration

Yes, get a few good index funds and you’d be all set. You can get XUU (total US market) and XEC (emerging market) ETFs from Blackrock, never think about them again for a year and you’d likely be fine. 123 more words



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Time knows no color so why waste it on something it has no knowledge of. Time knows no thoughts. Time knows only the beat, the tick, the pace of the Heart and transitions of the rhythm. 36 more words


Karmic Evolution

Give thanks O Most High for forgiving me of anything that I have done in the past or present that has caused any negative karma between us. 943 more words


Social Studies

In observing self, I realized that I had a subtle social media addiction that contributed to feelings of inadequacy and spiritual disconnection. Yet, the feelings sensed weren’t organic to me they felt strange. 71 more words