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Grateful to witness and feel Love Bloom from an internal sunshine. Whoever said the Moon is just a rock, that has no purpose, a show piece is in for a Light Show! 10 more words


From the HeArt

Straight from the HeArt 💚💙🎨🎶✨

I feel that we all (on some level) go through a phase of “thinking” we know our purpose, ideal companion, etc. 174 more words


Mining the New, Leaving the Old.

We are all sent here on a mission to this planet, with our own unique expression of The Most High. We are here to share, redeem, restore, and partake in the re-creational activities for ourselves, future generations and Planet Earth with great joy.  267 more words


Duterte's Philippines Economy Beats China's

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President Rodrigo Duterte may receive poor marks for his human rights record, but he’s doing really well when it comes to the economy, which beats China’s. 245 more words

Money Matters

Four Reasons You Might Want to Avoid the Lowest-Cost ETFs. Or: Some of the things an illustrator should be fully aware of in order to go through the day.

Sometimes articles’ topics couldn’t be further remote from my own fields of passions like music, art, food or just being alive. That’s when the I’m challenged to communicate clearly to people from ‘other planets, in language I’m learning as I go along toward the deadline. 17 more words

Wall Street Journal


It feels amazing not to worry about the unknown, yet remain steadfast on the fact that The Most High Divine God is The Orchestrator Of all that is to Be…that already is. 94 more words



What was no longer matters, what is ahead is for a later time. What is Present is now. Who I was created valuable lessons and greatly contributed to me becoming who I am, yet it is me in the now that determines where I am going. 92 more words