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Disillusion or not?

When I was pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, I had the tendency to cherry pick financial literature to read.  On the surface, there was nothing wrong with that.   250 more words

Not the end of this world

When i was 10 years old, i heard the news of East and West Germany reunited. With both US President and North Korea President in Singapore, will it be sowing the seeds for North and South reunification? 411 more words


My first step into stock market started with the investing app Acorns. I didn’t really understand it other than it rounded up my debit card purchases and used the difference to invest the loose change. 461 more words


POCKETBOOK: Week ending April 27, 2018

  • Amazon’s piggy Prime fees

Figure pretty much everybody on Earth is familiar with Amazon, the company.

As for it’s Prime arm, that benefits program didn’t begin until 2005. 705 more words

Garden of Gratitude

I say thank you to each notification received from member for liking or following…and not because of the surface like or follow. I am grateful because you invested your time to listen and connect with the voice that The Most High has given and is speaking to and expressing through me. 48 more words


Voice Mail

I observed my voice in the midst of writing and acknowledged the delicate, innocence in its Beautyfilled expression…and admired The Most High’s creativity.

I have realized that this is my voice in everything that I express from my Heart…songs, art, the word of Yah, parenting, cooking, communing, etc. 65 more words


True Preserves

Place your Trust in and cling to The Most High Divine Trinity with all your strength, Sound prayers with your whole heart, walk according to your Faith in the Living Word and seek the Kingdom first. 54 more words