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 In the midst of crocheting thoughts just began to come forth from iheart into imind about how the art of crochet is as to life. In crochet, just as in life mistakes are made that we can either go back and restitch, or leave it as is with hopes that it isn’t noticeable by someone on the outside, but its known within Self. 444 more words



i will to voice iTruth without the worry of how it will be or not be received by the ears of others. i speak from iheart, and iheart is pure. 450 more words


Choose Wisely 

Wounded children waking around concealing wounds because they are afraid to take off the band-aid due to the temporary discomfort of the removal. Denying themselves of the choice to heal. 121 more words


I & i zation...

i had a real”i”zation last night that i wouldn’t be where i am today, if i chose not to embrace the correction of The Most High Divine. 522 more words



i can see clearly now the pain is gone

i had me choosing a life of pain & burden,

and yet continually questioning why i was tired and worn. 67 more words


Dawtah of Zyahn

</span>">iHeart Expressed

What you Love determines how you Love. I Love LOVE, so I Love unconditionally, beyond the depths of human imagination, with no limitation to how much further it can grow…because Love is VAST and DEEP! 105 more words


Busy Signal


</span>">I’ll Call You Back  was my soundtrack.  I still use it from time to time, when spending quality time with The Divine.

For the past two years, I have been going through an accelerated spiritual growth cycle that increased when I resigned from Babylon in March. 609 more words