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Four Reasons You Might Want to Avoid the Lowest-Cost ETFs. Or: Some of the things an illustrator should be fully aware of in order to go through the day.

Sometimes articles’ topics couldn’t be further remote from my own fields of passions like music, art, food or just being alive. That’s when the I’m challenged to communicate clearly to people from ‘other planets, in language I’m learning as I go along toward the deadline. 17 more words

Bid-ask Spreads


It feels amazing not to worry about the unknown, yet remain steadfast on the fact that The Most High Divine God is The Orchestrator Of all that is to Be…that already is. 94 more words



What was no longer matters, what is ahead is for a later time. What is Present is now. Who I was created valuable lessons and greatly contributed to me becoming who I am, yet it is me in the now that determines where I am going. 92 more words


Common Clairs 

All the Clairs are common senses that some don’t use, or don’t know to use. Everybody has them. There is nothing “special” about having them…they are all intelligently designed into our Being. 39 more words


iShares Asia vs. Asia

Confession time. When I initiated these positions (see Core Strategy) in August, I completely missed the fact that there are two iShares Asia funds. Hey, there were a lot of funds to go through! 302 more words