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We get da goods fo Ishigaki!

by Jay Nakamura and Kikaha Chee

We went visit Ishigaki in late June with one bombucha group of oddah JETs, and we can say dat we went learn couple tings dat made dis trip bomb but I going warn you, small kine secret keh? 825 more words


Review: Ishigaki Advance Ultrawhite

Two months have passed since I took my first dose of Ishigaki Advance Ultrawhite glutathione capsules. I took it twice a day, each with a 500-mg Sodium Ascorbate (Non-acidic Vitamin C). 310 more words

Yasukatsu Oshima

The crossing at Roppongi is one of Tokyo’s busiest and seediest places. Men in black suits and women in red mini-skirts hand out leaflets for the strip shows, hostess bars and night clubs. 2,214 more words