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Ishigaki: Manta Wolrd

After enjoying corals around Ishigaki, let’s see the main dish, manta, devil fish.

Manta in Japan, the distribution of very few, almost all in the Okinawa area, which is most likely to encounter the Ishigaki, the name of the sea manta city, manta scramble and so on.

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Top Travel Beauty Preps

In my years and years of traveling from local road trips to international trips, one of my must do’s before and after traveling are beauty preps making each holiday a breeze and comfortable as possible. 646 more words


Pay Attention to the T&C When Renting a Car in Japan - Learn from My Mistake

So I’ve just came back from a family trip in Ishigaki Island of Okinawa, and had an amazing time. Before I start writing about this wonderful island of Japan, I’d like to first share with you a little learning I’ve got from my car rental this time. 765 more words


Thumbprint Emperor

マトフエフキ(Thumbprint Emperor)

Scientific Name / Lethrinus harak (Forsskål, 1775)

Thumbprint Emperor

Caught this today just off the beach next to Uganzaki Lighthouse. As the winds were blowing from the north, I had been trying – unsuccessfully –  to find somewhere around Nagura Bay calm enough to try out my new fish stringer setup.  194 more words

3 days in Ishigaki island: escaping a typhoon and swimming with jellyfish

Japan has plenty of cultural highlights and splendid natural spots; however, the country is not well known for its beaches. So, when planning a beach vacation, a list of all other South East Asia countries may pop up in your head before thinking of Japan. 587 more words


Ishigaki: Coral Land

Ishigaki-jima Island, as well as some of the islands surrounding the island that consisted of the Eighth Mountain Islands. Although it belongs to Okinawa, but has a unique island culture.

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