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The Titanic love story of Isidor and Ida Straus

If you’ve seen the movie, you might remember this tragic side story. But on the 101st anniversary of the demise of the unsinkable liner in the Atlantic, it bears another telling. 271 more words


The Titanic and New York

Who Knew?

Unlike Halifax that was dubbed the “City of Sorrows” for its grim role in the recovery and burial of the Titanic victims, New York City became notorious as the city that welcomed the 713 survivors. 2,983 more words


I remember eighth grade. Girls wore oversized airbrushed tees of Leo’s face. Tang won the “Heart of the Ocean” faux diamond necklace at junior high graduation. 457 more words


The sinking of the Titanic—in words and music

The demise of the Titanic—set to arrive at Chelsea Piers on its maiden voyage to New York—was shocking and traumatic.

And it didn’t take long after the ship went down April 15, 1912 for the city’s prolific music companies to release novelty songs about the ill-fated liner. 210 more words

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A Story about Nathan and Isidor Straus, original owners of A&S and MACY'S

At the turn of the twentieth century, two of the wealthiest and most famous men in America were a pair of Jewish brothers named Nathan and Isidor Straus. 675 more words