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A Scam from 'Nam (by way of a German?)

I recently finished watching Ken Burns’ monumental documentary on the Vietnam War. That actually has little to do with this post, except that the following email I received reminded me of it. 336 more words

Exclusive: Archetype Isis’ Weapons Accumulation Chain—back To The Us

“Habibi! Aluminium!”

The anxiety echoes through the courtyard of a trash-strewn home in Tal Afar, a alien beginning in arctic Iraq. It is backward September and still hot, the affectionate of calefaction that seems to appear from all sides, alike afford up from the ground, and the burghal is abandoned except for beastly dogs and adolescent men with guns. 5,351 more words

4 officers hailed as heroes for stopping NYC pipe bomb suspect

NEW YORK (WFLA) — Authorities have identified the four police officers who stopped a man with a crude pipe bomb on a New York City subway system. 122 more words


New York Port Authority Explosion Suspect Charged With Supporting Terrorism

The man who allegedly blew up his homemade explosive in a pedestrian subway tunnel in the heart of the Midtown Manhattan has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon, supporting an act of terrorism and making a terroristic threat, the New York Police Department announced Tuesday. 959 more words


Who the family of the NYC bomber is focusing on in all of this is a major head-scratcher

The family of the man who allegedly launched a failed ISIS-inspired terror attack in New York City, while saying they are “heartbroken” by Monday’s attack, is  331 more words

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