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Trump Is Right: We Should Build An Alliance With Russia

Donald Trump has been viciously ridiculed by liberals and the media for suggesting the United States should pursue good relations with Russia. But Mr Trump understands one thing the liberals don’t: you don’t judge your business partners by what they do in their own business, but how they benefit you. 789 more words

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Islam jihad in the USA and Europe - Brigitte Gabriel - Cleveland (2016)

ACT for America is the Largest and the only grassroots organization dedicated to national security and defeating terrorism. Today, ACT for America has expanded to nearly 1,000 Chapters and 300,000 members. 55 more words


Prosecuting War Crimes in Syria: Many Tribulations, But No Trials (Yet)

This article was originally published as a contribution to Cicero Magazine. You can find the original article here.

What the United States called Russia’s “barbarism” in Syria, the United Kingdom… 1,231 more words

International Criminal Court (ICC)

WATCH: Wounded ISIS Militant 'Veterans' Become Suicide Bombers

In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “They Never Lost Heart for That Which Did Befall Them,” wounded ISIS militants are shown trying to continue the battle in “Wilayat Halab,” Syria. 186 more words


The evidence of Obama’s arming ISIS has been proven

According to American Politics, President Obama has been accused of implementing a series of policies that has given rise to ISIS, and has also provided them with the arms they are now using in their brutal attacks against Christians and other minorities. 124 more words

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Thee Under Channel 012


Episode 012 of Thee Under Channel Podcast. Hosted by Robert Under with Jordan and Shizmansk. Topics include Shizmansk’s Time in Seattle, Mayweather v Mcgregor… 48 more words

Syrian conflict for dummies.

With the recent images of the bombings of Aleppo plastered all over our screens people tend to (understandably) get very emotional about the whole thing and with emotion comes loss of focus. 488 more words