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Salvation and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Some Christian missionaries often argue that Islam turns the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into a deity alongside Allah. According to them, the fact that salvation is linked to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), makes or turns the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into some sort of deity. 603 more words


Former leader of anti-Islam Pediga movement apologises to Muslims

Washington Post

Only few months ago, nobody would have imagined that one of the most emotional pro-tolerance speeches would one day come from one of Germany’s fiercest critics of Islam and immigrants. 566 more words

Current Affairs

Islamic State claims Baghdad car bombings that murdered 19

“At the same time, there has been a major spike in car bombs in Baghdad over the past week, leading some Iraqi officials to claim that militants have infiltrated the capital by hiding among the displaced.” As Muhammad said, “War is deceit.” 141 more words


Texas shooter: “When will the kuffar understand and stop insulting the prophet?”

UPDATE: Apparently Abu Hussain al-Britani is not the gunman, unless someone else has access to his Twitter account, as he is back on Twitter today. 154 more words


Jihad gunmen at AFDI/JW Texas free speech event had more ammo in car

“At a news conference, investigators were uncertain of the identities and motives of the gunmen.” Yes, their motives are a total mystery!

“Gunmen at Muhammad cartoon event had more ammunition in car, police say,” by Richard A. 182 more words


Why I didn't sign the Charlie Hebdo protest letter

te last week, a letter circulated to members of PEN American Center protesting the organization’s decision to award the PEN/Toni and James C. Goodale Freedom of Expression Courage Award to the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo at its annual awards dinner in New York on Tuesday night. 104 more words


Muhammad cartoon contest: Note to jihadists, in America, we shoot back

By Todd Starnes

Published May 04, 2015

A pair of would-be jihadists learned a very important lesson over the weekend – in America, we shoot back. 697 more words

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