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Tiny buds withering away.

Okay so something has been troubling me for some time. Something which I have been observing here, on my visit to Pakistan.
Kids. Kids who are meant to be like delicate flowers, who have a heart so big you could fit so many elephants easily (metaphorically speaking) who have the innocence of a cute little rabbit or a kitten, who talk such beautiful and meaningful things, that was the image of them in my mind. 581 more words


Hidup di jalan tuhan

Syeikh Muhammad al-Ghazali pernah berkata, “Aku ingin memahamkan kaum mukmin bahwa hidup di jalan tuhan tak berbeda seperti menjemput kematian di jalan-Nya. Ia merupakan sebuah jihad. 564 more words



Saat menjelang selesainya program Summer School, pada malam Kamis, tepatnya 12 Agustus 2015, yang malam-malam sebelumnya biasa langsung digunakan untuk ful istirahat karena padatnya kegiatan kampus ditambah… 1,481 more words


Obama, Jefferson and the fascinating history of Founding Fathers defending Muslim rights


Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. 364 more words


Two Ways Christians Distort Islam (and Two Ways Muslims Distort Christianity)

Editor’s Note: Christian. Muslim. Friend. received the 2016 Christianity Book Award in the category of Missions/The Global Church.

My wife, Grace, and I were in a restaurant in an Asian country when friends ushered to our table another American couple. 296 more words