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Much is being written regarding the Charlie Hebdo issue in Paris, France. I do not condone any killing but at the same time I do not support issues that violate human rights, religious freedom or freedom of speech and thoughts. 1,796 more words

self evaluation at the end of Year

a wise man said that if you cant evaluate your own self you cant achieve in life …. Probably this is what Umar Khattab ( rtz) agreed with when he said that the best among us is the one who can best carry out their own accountability. 211 more words

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Iqbal apprehensions have bearing. But Indian Muslims will prove better Indians.


Every Indian knows Sare Jahan Se Achcha Hindustan Hamara, but few may recall who wrote it. The song was an instant hit when Sir Muhammad Iqbal, or Allama Iqbal, wrote it in 1904. 1,786 more words

Indian Independence

Pope Francis prays at Historic Blue Mosque in Turkey.

Pope Francis is in the historic city of Istanbul, on the second part of a three-day visit to Turkey. His first stop was the Blue Mosque – also known as Sultan Ahmet – where he met Muslim leaders. 141 more words

Blue Mosque

The Problem with Muslim Discourse Today - Elevating Slander and Divisiveness Above Faith

By Saif Syed

Dear Mr. Nazim Baksh,

Assalam-alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

As I write a response to a hurtful, dishonest, misleading, and divisive article titled… 1,368 more words

Dr. Tariq Ramadan

14th August Musings

A man in his youth was reading Quran . He wasn’t an imam or mullah or an iconic Islamic scholar but was just a sharp intellectual . 222 more words

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Hijab Tourism Redux: World Hijab Day Edition

Sigh. IT’S BACK.

World Hijab Day, started last year, is back this Saturday for round two. The event was started by a Muslim woman (and hijabi) Nazma Khan as a way to foster better understanding by encouraging non-Muslims to “walk a mile in the shoes of a hijabi.” … 2,371 more words